Thursday, 3 December 2015

Not Just So Good

I've had a good day, but not as good as normal 'cos both my humans were away out and I was left all alone which I don't really like, as you know. My MH had to take her eyes to to a 'optishan' who said that she could see OK, but surely my MH knows if she can see or not? I don't really understand that bit, but when I feel like it, I shall sit on her knee and let her explain it all to me.

I had a very quiet day but to be honest, I enjoyed the peace and quiet and the fact that I could just wander from chair to chair and room to room without tripping over workmen or carpets and I liked that. I had a good rest until my humans came home and then I sat with the old dear and let her stroke me and talk to me 'cos I know she likes that too.

So, although it hasn't been a brilliant day, it hasn't been a bad day either and tonight can only get better. The weather so far is fine so I am making the most of it 'cos my little weather man friend told me that the wind is going to be a gale and a big gale at that all weekend so I am going to need all my intrepidness I think and I have to save that up, so I shall rest.

I like the resting bit!

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