Wednesday, 2 December 2015


I have had another lovely day and I have had millions of cuddles, so my little life is well and truly back on track and I am very happy. I stayed out very late last night and was almost in danger of having to stay out the WHOLE night! That would have been terrible and my MH would have missed me cuddling into her, so on the very last whistle----I knew by the tone of it that it was the last--- I wandered home and when I looked at the clock it told me that it was nearly two o'clock in this morning and my poor old DH was a wee bit tired and wanted to go to his bed, but I need to be home before they can both settle down, so that's how I was just a tad on the naughty side.

I didn't get up too early this morning and then I helped my MH do a wee bit of housework but all the time she was talking to me and every now and then I would nip outside for a play and then when I came home I got lots of cuddles.

There's not a lot of news but my living room is right back to normal again and we all like our new carpet, so it was worth all the hard work but I am glad it is all finished. I thought that we were all going to have a lazy day tomorrow, but my humans have to go away to Kirkwall so I am to be left all alone for the whole day.

However, they have promised that the weekend will be as lazy as I want so I am looking forward to that. I can hardly wait.

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