Sunday, 31 January 2016

Decision Time

I have been doing a lot of thinking---mainly about my name--- and I have finally come to a major decision. I shall remain Squeak, but shall put on my Intrepid name like a cloak when I am going out in dreadful weather.

I think that is a very good solution and I shall explain how I reached it. When I was a brand new puss and looked after by the lovely Cat Protection ladies, one of them called me Florence, but then I came here to my forever home with my humans and they decided to give me a new name, but they didn't know what, so they waited for a while till we all got to know one another better. They watched me and listened as I explored my new home and they noticed that every time I jumped up or down, I made a squeaking type noise and so they called me Squeak and it suits me brilliantly. I am Squeak.

But. I am Intrepid too. I am brave and fearless and will not be beaten by the weather, so when the weather is awful like it was recently, I shall be Intrepid-Squeak as I venture out to explore in the awful conditions. OK?

Today has been much better and I have been much happier 'cos I have been able to get out and play without being blowed about or rained upon which I like. But I'm afraid I am the only happy one in my house 'cos my MH was sad when Andy lost his tennis match and my DH was disgusted when his football team got beaten, so maybe outside is the safest place for me to be. Hee hee

My little weather man friend told me that another storm is on its way so my DH might not get to the Cat Shop tomorrow but my MH already has lots of jobs lined up for him to do, so his fingers are crossed that the boat will come, and he has asked me to cross my adorable little paws too.

I have told him I will do it for a price, so we'll see what he comes up with!!

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Intrepid Times Three

Well, Gusty Gertie is still hanging about my little island and my weather man friend has just told me that Gertie's friend Henry is coming on Monday so it looks as though we are not going to get any good weather for a long time and my DH will probably not be able to get to the Cat Shop on Monday.

Gertie shouted at us all night and rattled bits of my house that shouldn't be rattled, but as far as we can make out, we don't have any damage. I say 'as far as we can make out' 'cos my humans haven't wanted to go out in this storm and I think that is probably wise---for humans!

BUT! Did I let this spoil my routine? No, indeed I did not. I followed my usual routine last night and had a few very short trips outside. I feel I need to be outside before I go to bed, but as I have told you before, these trips are getting shorter 'cos it is cold and VERY windy!

We all had quite a good sleep except my poor old MH was wakened a few times by Gertie shouting at her and she didn't like that, but I just cuddled in beside her again and she was fine.

I slept a lot on the back of my couch today and sometimes I watched the hail and the rain and the snow battering against my window and sometimes I played with my MH, but just before dinner time, I decided that I needed to go out and talk to this naughty wind, so I gathered up every bit of my intrepidness and shot into my garden.

I didn't really mean to 'shoot' into the garden, but Gertie had other ideas and as I am just a little puss, I just had to go where she tooked me, but fortunately she didn't take me away too far and I was able to get back inside again.

And I did this three times before I had my dinner. I am having to rest now, but I shall endeavour to hit the outside again later on without being blowed away 'cos I am rather enjoying being intrepid.

I hope if Gertie is anywhere near you, then you are safe.

Friday, 29 January 2016


I don't think I need to tell you who I am talking about, do I? Nope! I had heard so much about Gusty Gertie that I decided to go out and see her for myself. I shall let that sink in for a minute or two.

The wind was howling at us all day and I must admit that I spent a while on my bed but by diner time Gertie was getting a bit tired so I stood at the door until my MH asked if I wanted to go out and I was off! It was a tad blowy as you will see from today's pictures but I was brave little puss and am thinking of changing my name to 'Intrepid' I shall ask Mr. Google how to do it.

Don't be worried when you look at the pictures 'cos we don't have flying saucers on my little island. It is just my living room light reflected in the window, but I could pretend, couldn't I?

I am snoozing now and the wind isn't blowing too hard so if it stays like this, I shall put on my intrepidness and venture out into the wild, dark night.

Oh, I am such a brave little Squeak/Intrepid

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Gusty Gertie

I have been listening to my little weather man friend as he has been telling us all about the storm called Gertrude which is coming to my little island and I have not been liking what he has been saying. Not one little bit!

I took to my bed to decide what I should do and I am thinking that hibernation until Sunday might be the bestest thing. It has been a wee bit windy today so I have nipped in and out lots of times, but I'm afraid that my times in the open air are getting shorter with each trip, but I still have this urge for the fresh air and need to be out. However, if Gertie is as bad as everyone is saying, I might be better cuddled up beside my MH. I need to think!

I have had a good day and followed my MH around as she did her housework. I even got a little bit of stew when she was cooking the dinner and I gulped that down which made her smile. When she stopped for a rest, I asked her to play with me and she did and we had great fun.

My DH is happy too 'cos his wheel is nearly finished and I made a big discovery. He was telling my MH all about it and I learned that it works by solar, but I don't know what that means. My MH sort of explained that if the sun ever shines again, then his wheel will go round and round and that made me very excited and I am going to ask my little weather man friend to please let me have some sun to see if it makes the wheel go round.

I shall let you know and I will also tell you how we get on with storm Gertrude. I hope if she comes to you, that you will be safe too.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Lazy Squeak

That's me and that has been my day. My get up and go definitely got up and went! I have been a bit tired so decided to have a very lazy day and spent most of it on a few of my beds which made me very happy.

The weather has been awful and my little weather man friend told me that there is going to be a storm force wind on my little island on Friday, so if I do decide to go outside, he told me to put lots of lead in my little boots so that I don't blow away. Can you imagine it? 'Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Squeak!!' Mind you,the thought of being able to fly has always appealed to me, but would I know how to stop? Hmm, I think that's what I need to work out when I am having my next rest. Maybe I will Google that when my MH isn't looking. Hee hee

Talking of MH, she was quite lazy too and did little bits of work, but she had a big rest and I had a seat on her knee during the afternoon and snoozed as she stroked my adorable little lugs.

So,that's about all I can tell you as I haven't done anything at all exciting but I am hoping to go out later on although the wind is starting to howl already, so I think it might be a very quick trip.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

A Much Better Day

I have been much happier today and you all know why, don't you? Yes, it is because both my humans have been with me all day and that's when I am at my happiest.

I didn't even mind that my MH had to do all the housework she didn't get done yesterday 'cos every now and then she would stop, come and find me and just stroke me and talk to me and I liked that MILLIONS!

I helped my DH work with his meccano set and it is nearly finished and he is very happy with it so we are all looking forward to seeing it working. The weather on my little island has been awful but I have still managed to nip out a couple of times. My little weather man friend says that it is going to be a bit worser before it gets better so I have decided that I need to get out as often as possible before that bit comes.

That's all my news 'cos it is a bit quiet on my little island just now, but I did manage to persuade my MH to play with me when she had finished on her Wii and we had good fun. She helped me play with my favourite toy mouses as you can see from today's pictures and I had really good fun.

I hope you like the photos, 'cos I liked posing for them. Hee hee

Monday, 25 January 2016

Oh Dear!

In fact, a lot of oh dears 'cos I have not had the bestest of days. As I told you yesterday, my MH had to go to the hospital with her hip to have a check up and because it was a hit windy and cold and wet, my windows had to be closed, so I couldn't get out. To be perfectly honest, I don't think I would have gone out anyway, but that's not the point, is it?

I just stayed in my little bed and had a snooze till I heard the door opening and there were my humans. I thought the rest of the night would be mine, but ten minutes later three childrens came into my house complete with guitars and I knew exactly what was going to happen. Oh dear!

Now, I have been brought up to be a polite pussy cat, so I welcomed our guests by letting each one of the childrens stroke my adorable little body, but as soon as those guitars came out of their cases, I was off under my couch with my little paws jammed into my little lugs!

Actually, I did have a wee listen and it wasn't too bad. Not too bad at all, so well done childrens and well done MH. Oh, by the way, my MH's hip passed its test with flying colours so we are all very happy.

Sunday, 24 January 2016


I don't have very much news for you today but I can tell you that I have had a very good day with a big surprise this afternoon when I got two visitors.

We had our usual quiet morning and although it was a bit wet, I still wandered outside to see what was happening on my little island, but there wasn't very much so I just wandered back again and sat with my MH.

I was resting on my bed when I heard my door opening and in came my friends M. and S. 'cos they were coming to see a film on my television with me and my MH. I didn't watch the film too much, but I spent some of the time on the back of my couch, some of the time on my MH's knee and the rest of the time beside my friend S. and that made us all happy.

I have to be left on my own again tomorrow 'cos my DH will be at the Cat Shop as usual and my MH has to take her new hip to the hospital for a check up, but she told me it is fine so I have not to worry.

She will tell me all about it when she comes home and I will spend lots of time on her knee to make up for being abandoned for hours and hours! Hee hee

Saturday, 23 January 2016

A Wee Secret

I am beginning to like this not so nice weather. I am still an outside puss cat and I still try to get out to play as much as possible, but if the weather isn't very good and I am stuck indoors, then my MH feels sorry for me and plays with me even more than usual. And you can imagine what a happy puss that makes me.

That's what happened today. We didn't get up too early 'cos we all have a very lazy weekend with no housework if possible, but when I ran to the window, I noticed it was raining so I didn't go out right away, but sat with my MH instead.

We had our usual morning chat and she told me she was going to change the sheets and the duvet covers, so I decided to help her 'cos when she is doing this, we play one of my favourite games of 'hide and Squeak'. And today was no exception and I had great fun. It was brilliant and we both had fun.

The rest of my afternoon was spent nipping in and out of my garden for very short trips 'cos it was cold, but I needed to get the fresh air and one time when I went home the old dear was playing with her Wii so I waited very patiently until she was finished and then I asked her to play with me which she did ---for a long time and it was just magic.

I love playing with my MH, but you knew that, didn't you?

Friday, 22 January 2016

Another Good Day

I haven't done very much at all today but what I have done has been very good. It was very dull when we all wakened up and it was wet too so I knew that all my energy would need to be used up inside. I mentioned this to my MH and she was OK with that 'cos she didn't have very much to do so all her time was mine!

We played for a while on top of my bed and she covered me up in my blanket and tickled me which I loved and then we had a wee rest but I went outside to see what it was like. I played for a while although the ground was very wet and I wasn't really enjoying myself, but then I saw my DH coming home and I remembered it was Friday and string day, so I went inside with him and waited very patiently till he had taken the string off the boxes and tied it in a big knot for me and then he threw it along my kitchen floor while I chased after it and I ran so fast that I nearly skidded into the wall which made them laugh. I managed to stop just in time. Phew!

I needed another rest and then I asked my MH if she would play with me and my toys and she did so we had more good fun. Today's picture is me rubbing my adorable little chin on the mousey that my friend J. sended me as a wee present and I just love it ---loads! I have been in and out lots of times but just for a minute or two at a time and I think my poor old MH is getting a wee bit tired having to keep getting up to open the window and let me out and then in again. Sorry MH!

The wind is a gale now tonight so I will be having a snooze on my couch until it goes away again and then I shall have another two or three little trips outside.

I have had a good Friday and even the rotten weather hasn't spoiled my fun.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Good Fun

Well, the old dear kept her promise and after she had finished all her work, she devoted the rest of the day to me---and that made me so very, very happy.

The weather wasn't as good today as it has been and it was quite wet so my journeys outside were even shorter, but that meant lots more cuddles when I came home again and you all know how happy that makes me, sure you do?

I watched and waited very patiently until all the dusters and polishes were put back in the cupboard and the vacuum cleaner was finally switched off and then as soon as my MH was sitting on my couch, I was sitting on her! See?

We had a long chat together and then she told me she was going to play on her Wii but as soon as she had finished, then she would play with me, so again, I just sat and watched and I think I must have dozed off 'cos I was wakened by my MH asking me did I want to play and I said 'no thank you'!! I fibbed! I was wide awake in a trice and we played on the floor with all my toys and had great fun and that's what today's pictures are and if you look very carefully at one of them, you will see how sharp my little claws are.

I have to be very carefully when I am playing with my humans that these claws are kept under control 'cos I don't want to hurt them 'cos I love them like they love me---MILLIONS!!

Wednesday, 20 January 2016


What a shock I got this morning. And not a pleasant one at that. I shall explain.

It was a glorious morning and as soon as we all got up, I flew out of the window to be in the fresh air and to run in the crispy frozen grass again. I was enjoying myself so much that I kind of lost track of time and when I finally decided to go home, my house was empty! My humans had gone and I was left all alone.

I was a bit annoyed but it was my own fault for not waiting till my MH told me what we were going to do with our day 'cos she would have explained---as she always does. But I was too excited so I didn't know where she had gone. I knew the old boy was at the Cat Shop and if I knew how to use the phone I would have asked him where the Boss was.

However, the weather stayed brilliant and I spent my day nipping in and out of the window having a play outside and then coming inside for a heat and a feed. Everything was there for me except my MH's cuddles and you all know that those are the most important things for me.

Then just about half past four in this afternoon, I saw the little kangaroo come bouncing up the road and I ran to the gate to say hello to my humans who had comed back to me to make me all happy. And what was the first thing I got? Yes! A ginormous cuddle and I was happy, happy, happy!

My MH had been out with her friend and she had had a good day but she promised that she would be at home all day tomorrow to do whatever I wanted.


Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Just Normal

That's what today has been. Just a normal Tuesday, but a good one. There was no frost but there was no wind either so it was good. It was very cold so my outside trips were even shorter than before but the cuddles when I came home again were brilliant!!

I wandered round my house following my humans to see that they were fine and I helped my MH to tidy up. My DH is still playing with his meccano set and he told me his wheel might be finished this week, so I will let you see it then.

In the afternoon, my MH played on her Wii and when she was finished she played with ME! Well, I did rather demand a bit of her time and of course, I got it. And what made it even better was that she didn't put the coffee table back when she finished her Wii so there was lots and lots of room for an adorable little puss to let off steam and use up all the energy.

We had the bestest of times and I loved every minute of it. My MH was down on the floor right beside me and I ran over the furniture and under the table until I was a wee bit exhausted and had to lie down for a nap.

I think the old dear was feeling the same, but she didn't have time to snooze. Shame, isn't it?

Monday, 18 January 2016

Still No Snow....

..... but lots of frost making my little island all white which is lovely especially when the grass is all crispy and crinkly when I run on it AND you can see my adorable little paw prints so you know where I have been.

My DH went away to the Cat Shop and me and my MH sat on my couch for a while working out what we were going to do with our day. I knew, and you all probably know too, that it involved the vacuum cleaner and some dusters for her and lots of plays and sleeps for me.

I started my day with a garden explore and I liked being out in the frost although it was a tad cold on this adorable little body, so I didn't stay out too long. The weather was good enough for my MH to leave the window open for me so I could come and go as I pleased which is just how I like it. That was the pattern of my morning while the old dear wandered round my house hoovering and dusting everything that didn't move!

I got a surprise in the afternoon when my MH called for me as I was having a snooze on one of my beds and she asked me if I wanted to go out with her. WHOOSH! I was at the door before she finished asking! We went and fed the birdies and then went into the gym 'cos she is starting something called a new years revolution and she wants to get fitter so we started today. I don't need to get fitter, you understand. I am just there for moral support and to make sure the revolution doesn't get out of hand!

When she was finished it was my time and we played together in my garden and that's what today's pictures are, although one of them shows the end of the rainbow sitting right on my fence. I think that means something good so we are all happy.

I will tell you if anything more special happens.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Sunday Fun-Day

I shot to my window as soon as I wakened up and my little island was still white so I was happy. Even though it wasn't snow, it was frosty and I like that too. I run so fast that my adorable little feets don't get too cold. My friend B. told us that there is lots of snow where she lives and I would love to see what really deep snow is like, but I think I might disappear in it if I lived there. So maybe I am safer on my little island.

I have spent my day nipping in and out of the window. I love being outside but it is very cold so I don't stay out too long. I was a wee bit disappointed this afternoon 'cos my MH put on her shoes and tooked out her camera and I thought she was going to take me out to play. I got all excited and ran to the door only to be told that she was going to the graveyard and I couldn't go with her. I was disappointed but she promised to play with me when she comed back again.

I waited patiently and in a wee while I heard her calling for me and we went into my garden and we played for a long, long time until we were both a wee bit cold and had to go inside, but it was worth it.

I asked her to show you some pictures of the other side of my little island where the graveyard is and that's what you see today and I hope you like them. I like the picture of me 'cos I think I look very alert as well as unbelievably cute---and modest!!

I am still keeping my paws crossed every night that we might get some real snow, but my little weather man friend says he doesn't think we will.

I am not too sad 'cos he has been wrong before!

Saturday, 16 January 2016

More Great Fun

I got a nice surprise when I opened my little eyes this morning 'cos my island was all white but the sun was shining and it looked lovely. It was frosty and there had been a wee drop of snow so I was desperate to get out to play.

I liked the feel of the grass on my little paws and it was all kind of crispy and the water in my jug in the garden was all froze into ice. I stayed out a long time and did lots of exploring and by the time I decided to go home I was a very cold little Squeak, but my MH soon fixed that with one of her cuddles.

I was having a snooze on the back of my couch when I heard my friend S. coming into my house so I ran to see her and she gave me a cuddle too. She talked to my MH for a while and then I asked her to play with me and she did and we all liked it.

When she was going away home again, me and my MH went outside with her and I ran all over my garden and had great fun. I made my MH laugh 'cos every time I started one of my runs I made my now famous 'squeak' noise and I did it lots and lots of times. I ran all around my garden and even nipped outside my fence for a while. The old dear had to give in and go inside as she was cold, but I stayed out for a long time and just loved it.

I will go out later after I have had my evening snooze and I just hope that maybe soon we can have a wee bit more snow. That would make me a very happy little Squeak.

Friday, 15 January 2016

A wee puzzle

If you look at today's picture can you guess what Santa brought for my MH? Yes! New slippers. He didn't leave them in my house for her, but he left them with my friend M. and she had to bring them to my MH and now her little feets are nice and cosy.

She needs them just now 'cos it is very cold on my little island but it still hasn't snowed yet and to tell the truth I am a wee bit annoyed 'cos I do like the snow. I have been out lots and lots of times but not for long 'cos I do get very cold and one time when I came home we both sat on my couch and she told me a story about a man called Jack Frost that she knew when she was a wee girl, and I liked all the stories. This man used to make beautiful patterns on the windows and sometimes when her mummy hanged out some clothes in the garden, Jack Frost froze them stiff. That made me giggle, but then it made me think. If Jack Frost is still around, could he freeze adorable puss cats? I don't want to be freezed. I don't mind being cold, but just cold enough to be warm again with one of my HH's cuddles, so I think I need to be a wee bit more careful when I go out in the cold.

I stayed out very late last night and my DH was a tad annoyed with me 'cos I didn't come when he whistled and the poor old boy was tired, but I was having good fun and decided to stay outside until about two o'clock in this morning before I sauntered home for a wee biscuit and then a great big snuggle up beside my MH.

I will probably do the same tonight, but I shall keep my adorable little eyes open for Jack Frost 'cos I think my MH might be a big bit annoyed with me if I snuggle up to her while I am froze stiff.

I know I wouldn't be able to tell you what she said! Hee hee

Thursday, 14 January 2016

More of the Same

Here is the Graemsay weather report for Thursday. A wee bit of rain. A wee bit of sleet and lots and lots of cold. It wasn't bad enough to keep an intrepid little puss like me inside but it could have been a good bit better and I wish it was. Maybe tomorrow!

I have had lots of little trips outside but to be honest, I don't stay out too long because of the cold and when I nip in the window, I stand on the chair until my MH closes said window and then picks me up to cuddle me warm again and I purr as loud as loud can be. To be honest, dear friends, I think I only go out to come back in again for these cuddles :-))

The nice post man brought my MH a big box today and it was filled with my dinners and treats and some new biscuits which I love and gobbled up as quickly as I could which made my humans laugh.

Remember I told you yesterday about the naughty birdies on my MH's clean windows? Well, this morning, me and my DH went out and washed them again for her and we both got gold stars for that. I just hope that the birdies don't do it again 'cos we will not be happy at all.

So, that has been my day. It has been a good one and I have been a happy puss. I will go out later on but only for a wee while. I need to be out last thing at night, but I really don't like being so cold and as soon as I get home, I nip in beside my MH and get as cosy as a wee pie again.

Oh yes. More of the same!

Wednesday, 13 January 2016


..... the alarm went off and I springed out of bed to see what kind of day it was and guess what? It was windy and raining and not nearly as good as yesterday. What is my little weather man friend doing with my weather? It wasn't too bad, but it wasn't great so I was a tad disappointed. And then my poor old DH tried to talk to me and he had no voice 'cos he has the cold, so he didn't go away to the Cat Shop but went back to bed instead.

Me and my MH had a good day and I got a big surprise in the afternoon when two of my friends P. and M. came to see me and it was while my MH was talking to them that she got a wee bit angry. Not with them or me you know, but remember I told you that we washed all our windows yesterday? And do you remember that we have a bird feeder outside my living room? Well, can you put two and two together and get the answer to my question? Yep, the naughty little birdies did what they shouldn't have done on my MH's lovely clean windows and she wasn't best pleased. She will need to clean them again tomorrow if the weather is good enough.

When my friends went away, me and my MH played on the floor for a while and that made us happy. I nipped out a couple of times, but it was so cold I nipped back in again very quickly. There might be snow on my little island soon and I like the snow so that will be good fun.

My DH is feeling a wee bit better now but he has a rotten cold and we have all to feel sorry for him. I have given him some of my special purrs but from a wee distance.

Well, I don't want to be sneezing tomorrow! And how would my poor old MH feel if I lost my purrer? No, I definitely don't want to catch his cold :-)))

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

An Even Gooder Day

I didn't think it could get any better than yesterday, but oh my, how wrong I was! I have had a fandabydozy day, and now I am so tired that I am sitting dozing on my favourite chair on top of my MH's fleece while she is writing this for me.

When we waken up in the morning the first thing that me and my MH do is listen. We listen for the wind and if it is not blowing we are happy. Then we listen for the rain and if it is not pouring then we are very happy, and guess what we were this morning? We were deliriously happy 'cos not only was it not winding and not raining, but it was a lovely clear, frosty morning and it looked beautiful.

I gobbled up my breakfast and then shot out of the window like a streak of lightning and just sat in my garden for a long time listening to the birdies and enjoying being outside without getting blowed about or wet. A wee while later, my DH came out 'cos he had decided to do lots of wee jobs outside that he hasn't been able to do, so I had some company and I just followed him around and helped him with all his work.

My MH was doing some inside housework but then she decided to wash all the outsides of our windows 'cos she said they were so covered in muck and salt that she could nearly not see the boats as they were going passed. She also told my DH that there were nearly more hairs on MY window than there are on my adorable little body! I know there were lots of hairs on the glass, but I think she was exaggerating just a tad. Naughty MH! I forgave her though 'cos we had great fun playing outside and she talked to me and played with me all the time she was working and I just loved it squillions. Did you know that squillions is lots and lots of millions? My MH told me that, so it must be right.

I had another play all by myself after I had finished my dinner and now, as I told you, I am having a sleep until later when I will go back outside again and have another adventure before bedtime.

I hope we have another good day tomorrow and I hope you have been as happy as me and my humans have been today.

Monday, 11 January 2016

A Good Day!

How long has it been since I have been able to say that? Oh, don't get me wrong. As long as my humans are here with me, then all my days are good ones, but it has been such a long time since I have been able to go outside without my raincoat on or having weights tied on to my adorable little feets to save me from blowing away that you will understand why I said that.

One day, it was so windy that my MH said if I went out to play I might end up beside my friend B. in Canada! Boy, she would have been surprised, but how would I have got blowed back home again!

However, today has been better. It has been cold, but my MH was able to leave the window open for me and I was able to nip in and out as often as I wanted, and I wanted often! I had lots of little trips round my garden and when I got cold I just nipped in the window for a heat and a cuddle, so now you know why my day has been so good.

My DH went away to the Cat Shop and my MH went visiting some of her friends on my little island so they have had a good day too and I hope you have had a good time as well. I have all my little paws crossed that this not too bad weather lasts for a while 'cos I have a lot of outside catching up to do.

Sunday, 10 January 2016


If you listen carefully you will hear that the naughty wind has finally gone away and I for one am very, very happy 'cos I have managed to get out to play without getting blowed off my adorable little paws!

It took quite a while for it to go away and it was very windy all morning, but by the afternoon it had gone all lovely and quiet and my little weather man friend said it is not going to be too windy all this week. It will be cold, but I don't mind that 'cos I can run around and keep warm and then I get all cosied up with one of my MH's cuddles when I decide to go home again.

We have all had a good day. My humans were taking it easy 'cos my DH is going to the Cat Shop tomorrow and needs to rest and my MH was helping him. I had a snooze on my couch until I decided it was play time and then me and my MH played together on the floor. I just love doing that and I am very happy to say that my MH likes it too and I only have to ask and she is only too happy to oblige.

So, that has been my day and I must say it has been a very good one. I will probably have a wee play outside before bedtime but I shall go to sleep early so that I can play outside all day tomorrow.

I must take advantage of the not windy weather. One just never knows when it will change again, does one?

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Oh Dear

The weather is not getting any better on my little island and I for one am getting a tad peeved with all this rain. It has poured all day and I have just sat on my window sill looking out, but every time my MH opened the window, I jumped down just in case she decided to throw me out! I don't take any chances!

I finally managed to get out for quite a wee while after my dinner and I was quite glad to get some fresh air into my little lungs, but my adorable little feets didn't like being so wet. I guess we need to think about boots again? I tend to think that I might look rather fetching but my humans are not so sure.

However, I was able to use up lots of energy by asking my MH to play with me and as usual, the old dear obliged. And how did I ask, I hear you ask. Well, do you remember that I used to have chimes on one of my windows which I delicately clattered when I wanted attention? Well,(again) I sort of annoyed my humans a tad with all my clattering, so they shifted said chimes onto the other window and I don't normally sit at that one. BUT, when I am in desperate need of something, like out to play, or a feed or someone to play with me, I nip up on to that window, gently ring the little chimes and my MH leaps to attention and this is when I am very clever. If I am hungry I run into the kitchen but if I want someone to play with me, then I just run over to my toys and sit and wait for my humans to join me. Now is that clever, or not! Yep, clever.

So, that was my afternoon. Playing very happily with the old dear and playing on my rocking chair and then outside for a while and now I am having a snooze on my couch and I may venture out again later on. My little weather man friend has told me I probably won't be out playing tomorrow 'cos the big gale is coming back. Sigh!

To say I am a tad peeved is a bit of an understatement. I know I am being a wee bit selfish 'cos I am very well and me and my humans are safe and warm and dry, but we have been watching all the people who are being flooded and we are so very sorry for them and I know that my moaning sounds a wee bit not important, but then I am just a puss cat and it is important to me. See?

Friday, 8 January 2016

A Wee Bit Better

I peeped out of hibernation this morning when the postie man came to my door and I noticed it was just raining a wee bit and after I had shooked my adorable little head to make sure my lugs were working, I realised it wasn't winding, so I decided to have a wee holiday from my hibernating and after my wee drink of milk, I was off outside.

I quite enjoyed it, but to be honest, it was a bit too cold for me and everywhere I went I found puddles of water where there should have been dry grass. I don't like it when my little feets ---and other delicate parts of my anatomy!--- get wet when they shouldn't be getting wet.

Although I had a few short trips outside, I spent most of the day inside cuddled up beside my MH and I even sat very patiently on the couch while she played on her Wii, but as soon as she was finished and had put it all away, I asked her to please play with me and we both got down on the carpet and played with my toys for a long time which was brilliant.

I love playing with my toys. I love playing with my MH and playing with them both together at the same time is just the magicest thing ever. I hope we can do it lots and lots and lots.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Oh Dear

The weather on my little island is simply awful. I discovered this when I stuck my adorable little nose out of hibernation and one little sniff told me it was still wet and windy, so I just slipped back into my little dream again where I was all warm and dry and very cosy. I like this hibernation.

My MH was doing some housework so the best place for me was definitely under my blanket, but every now and then she would come and give me a wee gentle pat and then she would tell me she loved me and I just purred.

In the afternoon she decided to play with her Wii and as I just appeared in the living room and the right time, I got weighed and my little Wii Mii said I was still the prefectest weight so me and my humans were pleased at that.

We haven't had any visitors today so I don't have any more news for you, but I have asked my MH to show you some pictures which she took while we were all playing together this afternoon and yesterday. I like playing and my MH says she likes playing with me. I need the exercise when the weather is so bad outside and my humans know that so they are happy to play with me.

I prefer being able to get outside, but I am really not too upset if I have to stay inside as long as I get played with. My needs are simple. I just need adoration by the bucketful!