Tuesday, 26 January 2016

A Much Better Day

I have been much happier today and you all know why, don't you? Yes, it is because both my humans have been with me all day and that's when I am at my happiest.

I didn't even mind that my MH had to do all the housework she didn't get done yesterday 'cos every now and then she would stop, come and find me and just stroke me and talk to me and I liked that MILLIONS!

I helped my DH work with his meccano set and it is nearly finished and he is very happy with it so we are all looking forward to seeing it working. The weather on my little island has been awful but I have still managed to nip out a couple of times. My little weather man friend says that it is going to be a bit worser before it gets better so I have decided that I need to get out as often as possible before that bit comes.

That's all my news 'cos it is a bit quiet on my little island just now, but I did manage to persuade my MH to play with me when she had finished on her Wii and we had good fun. She helped me play with my favourite toy mouses as you can see from today's pictures and I had really good fun.

I hope you like the photos, 'cos I liked posing for them. Hee hee

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