Friday, 15 January 2016

A wee puzzle

If you look at today's picture can you guess what Santa brought for my MH? Yes! New slippers. He didn't leave them in my house for her, but he left them with my friend M. and she had to bring them to my MH and now her little feets are nice and cosy.

She needs them just now 'cos it is very cold on my little island but it still hasn't snowed yet and to tell the truth I am a wee bit annoyed 'cos I do like the snow. I have been out lots and lots of times but not for long 'cos I do get very cold and one time when I came home we both sat on my couch and she told me a story about a man called Jack Frost that she knew when she was a wee girl, and I liked all the stories. This man used to make beautiful patterns on the windows and sometimes when her mummy hanged out some clothes in the garden, Jack Frost froze them stiff. That made me giggle, but then it made me think. If Jack Frost is still around, could he freeze adorable puss cats? I don't want to be freezed. I don't mind being cold, but just cold enough to be warm again with one of my HH's cuddles, so I think I need to be a wee bit more careful when I go out in the cold.

I stayed out very late last night and my DH was a tad annoyed with me 'cos I didn't come when he whistled and the poor old boy was tired, but I was having good fun and decided to stay outside until about two o'clock in this morning before I sauntered home for a wee biscuit and then a great big snuggle up beside my MH.

I will probably do the same tonight, but I shall keep my adorable little eyes open for Jack Frost 'cos I think my MH might be a big bit annoyed with me if I snuggle up to her while I am froze stiff.

I know I wouldn't be able to tell you what she said! Hee hee

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