Tuesday, 12 January 2016

An Even Gooder Day

I didn't think it could get any better than yesterday, but oh my, how wrong I was! I have had a fandabydozy day, and now I am so tired that I am sitting dozing on my favourite chair on top of my MH's fleece while she is writing this for me.

When we waken up in the morning the first thing that me and my MH do is listen. We listen for the wind and if it is not blowing we are happy. Then we listen for the rain and if it is not pouring then we are very happy, and guess what we were this morning? We were deliriously happy 'cos not only was it not winding and not raining, but it was a lovely clear, frosty morning and it looked beautiful.

I gobbled up my breakfast and then shot out of the window like a streak of lightning and just sat in my garden for a long time listening to the birdies and enjoying being outside without getting blowed about or wet. A wee while later, my DH came out 'cos he had decided to do lots of wee jobs outside that he hasn't been able to do, so I had some company and I just followed him around and helped him with all his work.

My MH was doing some inside housework but then she decided to wash all the outsides of our windows 'cos she said they were so covered in muck and salt that she could nearly not see the boats as they were going passed. She also told my DH that there were nearly more hairs on MY window than there are on my adorable little body! I know there were lots of hairs on the glass, but I think she was exaggerating just a tad. Naughty MH! I forgave her though 'cos we had great fun playing outside and she talked to me and played with me all the time she was working and I just loved it squillions. Did you know that squillions is lots and lots of millions? My MH told me that, so it must be right.

I had another play all by myself after I had finished my dinner and now, as I told you, I am having a sleep until later when I will go back outside again and have another adventure before bedtime.

I hope we have another good day tomorrow and I hope you have been as happy as me and my humans have been today.

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