Thursday, 21 January 2016

Good Fun

Well, the old dear kept her promise and after she had finished all her work, she devoted the rest of the day to me---and that made me so very, very happy.

The weather wasn't as good today as it has been and it was quite wet so my journeys outside were even shorter, but that meant lots more cuddles when I came home again and you all know how happy that makes me, sure you do?

I watched and waited very patiently until all the dusters and polishes were put back in the cupboard and the vacuum cleaner was finally switched off and then as soon as my MH was sitting on my couch, I was sitting on her! See?

We had a long chat together and then she told me she was going to play on her Wii but as soon as she had finished, then she would play with me, so again, I just sat and watched and I think I must have dozed off 'cos I was wakened by my MH asking me did I want to play and I said 'no thank you'!! I fibbed! I was wide awake in a trice and we played on the floor with all my toys and had great fun and that's what today's pictures are and if you look very carefully at one of them, you will see how sharp my little claws are.

I have to be very carefully when I am playing with my humans that these claws are kept under control 'cos I don't want to hurt them 'cos I love them like they love me---MILLIONS!!

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