Saturday, 30 January 2016

Intrepid Times Three

Well, Gusty Gertie is still hanging about my little island and my weather man friend has just told me that Gertie's friend Henry is coming on Monday so it looks as though we are not going to get any good weather for a long time and my DH will probably not be able to get to the Cat Shop on Monday.

Gertie shouted at us all night and rattled bits of my house that shouldn't be rattled, but as far as we can make out, we don't have any damage. I say 'as far as we can make out' 'cos my humans haven't wanted to go out in this storm and I think that is probably wise---for humans!

BUT! Did I let this spoil my routine? No, indeed I did not. I followed my usual routine last night and had a few very short trips outside. I feel I need to be outside before I go to bed, but as I have told you before, these trips are getting shorter 'cos it is cold and VERY windy!

We all had quite a good sleep except my poor old MH was wakened a few times by Gertie shouting at her and she didn't like that, but I just cuddled in beside her again and she was fine.

I slept a lot on the back of my couch today and sometimes I watched the hail and the rain and the snow battering against my window and sometimes I played with my MH, but just before dinner time, I decided that I needed to go out and talk to this naughty wind, so I gathered up every bit of my intrepidness and shot into my garden.

I didn't really mean to 'shoot' into the garden, but Gertie had other ideas and as I am just a little puss, I just had to go where she tooked me, but fortunately she didn't take me away too far and I was able to get back inside again.

And I did this three times before I had my dinner. I am having to rest now, but I shall endeavour to hit the outside again later on without being blowed away 'cos I am rather enjoying being intrepid.

I hope if Gertie is anywhere near you, then you are safe.

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