Sunday, 10 January 2016


If you listen carefully you will hear that the naughty wind has finally gone away and I for one am very, very happy 'cos I have managed to get out to play without getting blowed off my adorable little paws!

It took quite a while for it to go away and it was very windy all morning, but by the afternoon it had gone all lovely and quiet and my little weather man friend said it is not going to be too windy all this week. It will be cold, but I don't mind that 'cos I can run around and keep warm and then I get all cosied up with one of my MH's cuddles when I decide to go home again.

We have all had a good day. My humans were taking it easy 'cos my DH is going to the Cat Shop tomorrow and needs to rest and my MH was helping him. I had a snooze on my couch until I decided it was play time and then me and my MH played together on the floor. I just love doing that and I am very happy to say that my MH likes it too and I only have to ask and she is only too happy to oblige.

So, that has been my day and I must say it has been a very good one. I will probably have a wee play outside before bedtime but I shall go to sleep early so that I can play outside all day tomorrow.

I must take advantage of the not windy weather. One just never knows when it will change again, does one?

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