Saturday, 16 January 2016

More Great Fun

I got a nice surprise when I opened my little eyes this morning 'cos my island was all white but the sun was shining and it looked lovely. It was frosty and there had been a wee drop of snow so I was desperate to get out to play.

I liked the feel of the grass on my little paws and it was all kind of crispy and the water in my jug in the garden was all froze into ice. I stayed out a long time and did lots of exploring and by the time I decided to go home I was a very cold little Squeak, but my MH soon fixed that with one of her cuddles.

I was having a snooze on the back of my couch when I heard my friend S. coming into my house so I ran to see her and she gave me a cuddle too. She talked to my MH for a while and then I asked her to play with me and she did and we all liked it.

When she was going away home again, me and my MH went outside with her and I ran all over my garden and had great fun. I made my MH laugh 'cos every time I started one of my runs I made my now famous 'squeak' noise and I did it lots and lots of times. I ran all around my garden and even nipped outside my fence for a while. The old dear had to give in and go inside as she was cold, but I stayed out for a long time and just loved it.

I will go out later after I have had my evening snooze and I just hope that maybe soon we can have a wee bit more snow. That would make me a very happy little Squeak.

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