Thursday, 14 January 2016

More of the Same

Here is the Graemsay weather report for Thursday. A wee bit of rain. A wee bit of sleet and lots and lots of cold. It wasn't bad enough to keep an intrepid little puss like me inside but it could have been a good bit better and I wish it was. Maybe tomorrow!

I have had lots of little trips outside but to be honest, I don't stay out too long because of the cold and when I nip in the window, I stand on the chair until my MH closes said window and then picks me up to cuddle me warm again and I purr as loud as loud can be. To be honest, dear friends, I think I only go out to come back in again for these cuddles :-))

The nice post man brought my MH a big box today and it was filled with my dinners and treats and some new biscuits which I love and gobbled up as quickly as I could which made my humans laugh.

Remember I told you yesterday about the naughty birdies on my MH's clean windows? Well, this morning, me and my DH went out and washed them again for her and we both got gold stars for that. I just hope that the birdies don't do it again 'cos we will not be happy at all.

So, that has been my day. It has been a good one and I have been a happy puss. I will go out later on but only for a wee while. I need to be out last thing at night, but I really don't like being so cold and as soon as I get home, I nip in beside my MH and get as cosy as a wee pie again.

Oh yes. More of the same!

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