Wednesday, 6 January 2016


My poor old DH jumped up when his alarm went off this morning and to be honest, my dear friends, we all got a bit of a shock, but me and my MH stayed in our wee bed until he got ready and then he got a message on his phone to say that because the weather was so terrible, the boat might not be able to come and get him. Oh, he was a wee bit sad, 'cos he was all ready and was quite excited about going back to the Cat Shop.

To be honest, me and my MH were a wee bit disappointed too 'cos we had our day all worked out and it involved lots of seats on the couch and lots of cuddles from her to me. That bit was OK though and we even managed a wee play with my toys so I was very happy.

It was another inside day 'cos there is a great big wind blowing and my little weather man friend says it will be worser tomorrow, so I am seriously considering hibernating till about Sunday!

I did get a wee surprise when my friend M. came to see me this afternoon and we all had a lovely chat which was good. I will probably go out later but only for about five minutes 'cos after that amount of time my adorable little body gets cold and I need a cuddle from my MH to make it better again.

I just LOVE those cuddles.

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