Wednesday, 13 January 2016


..... the alarm went off and I springed out of bed to see what kind of day it was and guess what? It was windy and raining and not nearly as good as yesterday. What is my little weather man friend doing with my weather? It wasn't too bad, but it wasn't great so I was a tad disappointed. And then my poor old DH tried to talk to me and he had no voice 'cos he has the cold, so he didn't go away to the Cat Shop but went back to bed instead.

Me and my MH had a good day and I got a big surprise in the afternoon when two of my friends P. and M. came to see me and it was while my MH was talking to them that she got a wee bit angry. Not with them or me you know, but remember I told you that we washed all our windows yesterday? And do you remember that we have a bird feeder outside my living room? Well, can you put two and two together and get the answer to my question? Yep, the naughty little birdies did what they shouldn't have done on my MH's lovely clean windows and she wasn't best pleased. She will need to clean them again tomorrow if the weather is good enough.

When my friends went away, me and my MH played on the floor for a while and that made us happy. I nipped out a couple of times, but it was so cold I nipped back in again very quickly. There might be snow on my little island soon and I like the snow so that will be good fun.

My DH is feeling a wee bit better now but he has a rotten cold and we have all to feel sorry for him. I have given him some of my special purrs but from a wee distance.

Well, I don't want to be sneezing tomorrow! And how would my poor old MH feel if I lost my purrer? No, I definitely don't want to catch his cold :-)))

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