Sunday, 17 January 2016

Sunday Fun-Day

I shot to my window as soon as I wakened up and my little island was still white so I was happy. Even though it wasn't snow, it was frosty and I like that too. I run so fast that my adorable little feets don't get too cold. My friend B. told us that there is lots of snow where she lives and I would love to see what really deep snow is like, but I think I might disappear in it if I lived there. So maybe I am safer on my little island.

I have spent my day nipping in and out of the window. I love being outside but it is very cold so I don't stay out too long. I was a wee bit disappointed this afternoon 'cos my MH put on her shoes and tooked out her camera and I thought she was going to take me out to play. I got all excited and ran to the door only to be told that she was going to the graveyard and I couldn't go with her. I was disappointed but she promised to play with me when she comed back again.

I waited patiently and in a wee while I heard her calling for me and we went into my garden and we played for a long, long time until we were both a wee bit cold and had to go inside, but it was worth it.

I asked her to show you some pictures of the other side of my little island where the graveyard is and that's what you see today and I hope you like them. I like the picture of me 'cos I think I look very alert as well as unbelievably cute---and modest!!

I am still keeping my paws crossed every night that we might get some real snow, but my little weather man friend says he doesn't think we will.

I am not too sad 'cos he has been wrong before!


  1. I like the pictures of the other side of your island. Very pretty. You do look very sharp in the last picture. You would find it hard to look alert in the snow in my yard, Squeak. It would be high over your dear little head, and very cold.

  2. I'm glad you like my pictures Bonnie. I will ask my MH to take some more of other bits of my beloved little island for you. I would love to see deep snow, but only if I would be safe, so maybe just a wee bit deep.