Monday, 29 February 2016


....if I did nothing yesterday, I have done even less today. Well, that's not quite true. I have eaten ---lots! For some reason I was very hungry when I wakened up this morning and even after I had gobbled up all my breakfast I was still a lot hungry so I was like Oliver Twist and I asked for some more please. Fortunately my MH is kinder than the people in the story and she gave me more and just shooked her head, but she smiled too.

I sat on my window sill and looked out at the rain and I thought about going out, but decided against it and just went back to bed and listened as the old dear ran all over my house with her vacuum cleaner and her dusters. Now, when I say 'ran', that is a slight exaggeration but I am sure you know what I mean.

She asked me if I wanted to go into the gym with her, but it was still raining so I declined and she went away herself and I snoozed till she came back. I managed to get up just as my DH came home and I discovered that I was hungry again so I just sat and stared at my empty dish with such a sad face that it made both my humans laugh, but I did get some more dinner, so I don't care.

I am feeling very well just now and I know that I will be going outside later on no matter what the weather is doing 'cos my nocturnal trips are my very favourite and I wouldn't miss them for the world.

But till then I shall have another wee snooze.

Sunday, 28 February 2016


... you take a close look at today's picture you might understand what my day has been like. In a word---- lazy!

I think I may have over stretched my adorable little self the past couple of days with all my playing outside, but I did have a wonderful time, and today I decided to build up my strength again and just took to the back of my couch.

I didn't spend ALL my day on the couch. Oh no, I sat on my MH's knee for a long time and spent some time in my wee hoose as well, so I reckon that by night time, I shall be ready to go outside again, but I shall just take it fairly easy.

To be honest, I didn't miss much 'cos there was quite a lot of rain and so it was maybe better for me to be indoors. My humans were with me all day although the old dear did go into the gym for a wee while, but I just let her go by herself today and she didn't really mind.

I am sure I shall be in sparkling form again tomorrow and I will have lots more news for you, but I hope you have all had a very good weekend like I have.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

It's Just Getting Better

My days are just getting better and it is making me very happy. The weather is still good and even though it is cold, it isn't bad enough to keep me indoors and I have been outside nearly all afternoon. And what made it even better was that both my humans were out with me too.

We didn't get up too early 'cos we don't do very much at the weekend, but as soon as I had my breakfast I nipped out my window and into the garden and it was magic! I did lots of sniffing and had a wee chat to the sheeps and they were much happier too 'cos they were dry and their lovely woolly coats keep them warm so we were all very pleased.

A wee while later, one of my DH's friends came to help him stick a slate back on our roof 'cos there was a space where it should have been but the naughty wind had taken it off, but we are back to normal again.

I wandered into my house just in time to see the old dear getting ready to wash all the outside of our windows and so I had a wee nibble at my biscuits, a wee drink and I was back out again to keep her company 'cos I knew that she would play with me when she was finished. And was I right? Of course I was. That's when today's pictures were taken for you and I just loved every minute of it.

But we weren't finished there, 'cos she decided to have another wee shot on her bike and so we went back into the gym and she was able to leave the door open for me so that I could nip in and out to make sure she was fine. And she was.

So you can see why I have had a super Saturday. I am hoping that Sunday will be just as super for me and for you too.

Friday, 26 February 2016

And A Fabulous Friday

Oh I have had a very good day and I am just the happiest little puss in the world. As well as it being my string day, the weather was good enough for me to be out playing lots of times without getting soaking wet or frozen stiff and I liked that.

I had a lot of chats to the sheeps who are right outside my gate, but the only wee problem is I had to watch where to put my adorable little feets and when one has four feets to look after, it can be quite difficult. I shall not go into details, but is it enough to tell you that sheeps don't have litter trays? If you need more information then I will tell you, but I don't want to be indelicate, especially as you might be having your dinner!

I played on my grass and I had a big explore to make sure everything was just as I like it and then when I went home, I noticed that my MH was in her wee gym and her little legs were working hard on her bike, so I went in to see her and to keep her company and she liked that.

I have had my dinner and am now resting on my couch, but later on I will be going out to play again. I love being out in the dark especially when it is a lovely quiet evening like tonight, so I hope it stays like that for a wee while.

I hope you have a good night too.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

A Good Thursday

I have had a very good day and have spent a lot of it outside 'cos the weather on my little island has been a bit better today and not just as cold as it has been, so it is much better for me.

Both my humans were at home for me today and that is just how I like it. My MH is always ready to play with me when they are both here and sometimes I ask my DH and he plays too and I get all excited and that makes them smile lots.

My MH had to go out for a wee while this afternoon but as soon as she came home she asked me if I wanted to go out into the garden to play for a wee while. Well, she had got as far as 'Do you want....' and I was in the garden already which made both my humans laugh out loud. I was just sniffing around minding my own business when suddenly I saw a birdie that I had never seen before and it stopped me right in my tracks 'cos it was a big birdie.

I wasn't frightened, you understand, just surprised and a wee bit flummoxed, but my MH told me it was a man pheasant birdie and as soon as it saw me, it ran away as fast as it could. I was another wee bit flummoxed 'cos it didn't fly away--it just ran and it looked so funny.

I hope it comes back again 'cos I would like to have a close up look and see what he is like and then I can tell you.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

I Like Wednesdays

And today was a very good one. My DH nipped away to the Cat Shop and me and my MH settled down for a girlie day---just me and her. She even promised me that she wouldn't do any housework and that was very good news 'cos it meant she had time to play with me. She did have to go out in the afternoon, but by that time I was a wee bit tired and quite happy to nip into my wee hoose and wait for her.

I spent a lot of time on her knee and then I asked her to play with me which she did. My DH had to put a new bit of string on my mouse on a stick toy 'cos I had somehow managed to chew the other string so much that it broke, but I like the new string and me and my MH played with that and as you can see, I had very good fun.

When she came home from being away visiting, I ran to meet her and I got a big cuddle and a wee feed and then I decided to go outside for a while and when I came home, my MH made a funny joke 'cos she said I was like a mountain. And why? Cos I was snowed on! Get it? Snowdon----good eh? It had started to snow and my adorable little coat was all speckled with little snow drops and I looked even more adorable. Frozen but adorabler.

I will have an evening on my couch and then a short trip outside before bedtime and I hope there will be more snow for me to play in, but I'm not sure. I shall ask my little weather man friend and I will let you know.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016


....Remember I told you that I hadn't gone out at all yesterday? Well, after my dinner I had my usual rather long nap and then a seat on my MH's knee to watch what she was telling you. Sometimes she tells you very odd things but that is only when I put my adorable little paws on her keyboard and lots of Squeak-type words appear on her screen and make her smile, but then she takes them off again 'cos nobody would understand---just me and her. So anyway, after all this, I decided to find where I had left my intrepidness and slipped into it and asked to be let out.

The window was immediately opened and off I went riding a big gust of wind that just happened to be passing my window at the same time. It dropped me at our barbeque bit and I was able to shelter there until the wind went away and then I had a play for quite a long time before I jumped back up at the window and demanded to be let it. I know that sounds quite rude, but when the weather is as awful as it is just now, there is no time for politeness!

My humans were quite surprised at how dry I was and wondered where I had been, but that is our secret, please. A wee while later, I asked to be let out again, but this time I was not so lucky and got caught in a big burst of rain and my the time I got home it was ding-dong time 'cos yours truly was 'ringing' from the tips of my adorable little lugs to the soles of my equally adorable little feets. Aw, bless! My DH had to get a great big towel to make me dry again and then I nipped into bed beside the old dear, 'cos it was quite late.

I have been out a couple of times today but it is still cold, like REALLY cold and I don't like it too much so I am happier on my couch. I did sit on my window sill and watch the sheeps and me and my MH thought you might like to see me.

I will probably go out later but I am hoping I don't get as wet as I did last night, but we shall just have to wait and see, won't we?

Monday, 22 February 2016

I Think.....

..... this must be a record. I haven't been out at all today! I think that is the very first time in my en-tire life that I haven't gone out during the day, but it is cold. Like, freezing cold and certainly not pussy cat weather at all.

I watched my MH doing all her housework today and I had a few seats on my window sill just looking out and thinking and every time I thought about going out another big hail storm landed in my garden so I decided to stay put.

At one point in the afternoon, I had almost got my nose out the door, but then I turned back and my poor old MH had to go out, so with one little run and a big jump, I was on the back of my couch where it was warm and dry! I stayed there quite happily till she came back to me and then I got my cuddle.

I have had my dinner and I am now in my wee hoose and I can hear the wind outside and the hail is banging against my window, so I may be here for quite some time. I know I shall have to go out sometime, but it will only be if it is less windy and not hailing AND it will only be for a very, very short time.

I am a very wise --and adorable!--puss, am I not?

Sunday, 21 February 2016

A Worser Day

Oh dear it has been a very not nice day and again I have hardly been outside and when I have plucked up all my courage and ventured out, I have been so cold that I only stayed out for two or three minutes before I shot back inside for a warm-me-up cuddle. Not nice at all.

I am so glad that my MH washed my wee hoose 'cos that's where I have spent most of last night and today and it is lovely and soft again---and it smells nice too. And don't I look so cute and comfortable. It is just a pity you can't smell me!

I had some visitors to my house this afternoon and they were cat people, so they talked to me and stroked me and thought I was just lovely.

Modesty forbids me from saying any more!! Hee hee

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Ho Hum Again

It has been a very not nice day and I have hardly been outside at all. It has rained and snowed and the wind has blowed, so it is not good for a puss to be out in that.

I have had a good day though, 'cos neither of my humans felt like going outside either, so they were here all day with me and I was able to play and have lots of cuddles, so I am not really complaining. I did go out for a couple of very short trips but I wasn't enjoying myself, so I just came home again and played with my humans.

I have been having a rest in my wee hoose and it is lovely and fresh again 'cos my MH put it in the washing machine and made it all clean for me. I was frightened something might happen to it, but it is perfect and I am very comfortable in it. It is lovely and warm and I look so cute in it! Oops, my modesty slipped there! Hee hee

You will notice that today's picture isn't just as clear as they normally are and if you look closely you might work out why. It is 'cos my DH took it with his IPad when I was all cosied up to my MH last night when she was playing on her IPad and they both thought I looked so lovely and decided that you would probably want to see me.

So here I am!

Friday, 19 February 2016

Rained Off

Rained off from what, I hear you ask. Rained off from everything! Sigh

As soon as I wakened up this morning I heard the rain banging off the window, so I pretended I hadn't wakened up at all and snuggled up beside my MH who was still snoozing. However, she soon got up and when we were having our breakfast we all decided that it might just be a day for playing inside. Not my very favourite, but if my humans play with me and make a fuss of me, then I can put up with it.

My poor old DH had to go to the boat at twelve o'clock and it took him a long, long time to put on all his going-out-in-the-rain clothes. He looked as though he was going to the North Pole! Shame.

He came back a while later with all our boxes which were tied up with string just for me and I had really good fun for a long time. After that, I had a snooze on my couch while my MH played on her Wii and then it was dinner time. I gobbled up all my food and then I thought I might go out to play, so I listened very carefully and when I didn't hear any rain, I asked the old dear to open the door for me and oft I went.

There are no prizes for guessing what happened next. Yep! I played with the sheeps which are right outside my gate for about five or six minutes when I felt one little drop of rain on top of my adorable little head and then a ginormous cloud opened itself right on top of me and the little sheep I was chatting to and we were soaked! Oh joy.

I ran as fast as my little legs could take me and hammered on the kitchen window 'cos my humans were still having their dinner and my MH ran and let me in and then she had to get a big towel and dry me before I shrinked.

I am now recovering on my couch, but I may venture out before bedtime if the weather is to my liking. You know, sometimes it is not easy being a puss!

Thursday, 18 February 2016


This is me being found where I shouldn't be. But then again, if the old dear takes my picture before shoo-ing me off the table, she can't be that annoyed at me, can she? Nope!

Our friend A. gave my MH these flowers for her birthday, and every night I nip up on to the table and have a wee sniff at them and every night my humans tell me I shouldn't be there and I jump down again and they both say 'good puss'---but then comes the next night and we do it all over again! Hee hee

I have had another good day but it is still very cold on my little island, so I haven't been out very much and when I do venture outside, I just run round my house and come back in again for my warm-you-up cuddle. It is worth getting cold for.

Both my humans have been a bit busy today, but there has still been a lot of time for me and me and my MH had a play on my bed which I loved. She had to go out for a while this afternoon and she walked to my friend M.'s house and back again. It is only about a five minute walk for the old dear, but when she came back, she was very cold, so can you guess what I did? Yep. I gave her a great big cuddle.

And she loved it MILLIONS!!

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Normal Service Part 2

My normal service part 1 was when my adorable little tummy got all better and I was able to eat and enjoy all my dinners again and normal service part 2 happened when I was snoozing in my little bed with my MH last night, so that I got a big surprise when I woked up this morning. My DH had fixed the string on my little mouse again so that me and my MH could play with it today when he was in the Cat Shop. Yippee!

Today's picture shows me attacking said mouse before he fixed it and you can see how fierce I can look when I try. Normally I am all sweetness and light but I have my moments and I think this might have been one of them!

We have had a good day and I helped my MH when she was doing some baking and then she asked me to go into the gym with her and of course I did. I even managed a wee play on my grass while she was doing her exercises, but it was still a bit too wet for me, so I just nipped back in to the gym and I sat and watched her and I know she liked that.

So that has been my day. Fortunately, the rain has stopped and the wind has taken its blowing away someplace else, so my little island has been quite pleasant although it is still a bit cold.

In fact, it is FREEZING!!!

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

What A Day!

Oh my dear friends, it was nearly dinner time before I was brave enough to venture out into the wind and the rain and I think my poor old MH was a tad exasperated with my restlessness all through the day, but then she wouldn't go out either!

My little weather man friend warned me it wouldn't be a very good day, but I didn't know it was going to be THAT bad. I was not a happy Squeak at all ----well, not until my MH played with me and then after a while I found every single bit of my intrepidness which I had left lying about my house, and I girded my loins with it and out I went. Do you like that wee bit? I have been watching some of the words on my MH's books and just pick out the ones I like. Goodness knows what you might read tomorrow! Hee hee.

Anyway. I have had a good afternoon really 'cos I asked the old dear to play with me and my toys and she did and it was when we were playing that I managed to pull my little mouse off the string, so that's a job for the old boy later on. I liked when it was on the string 'cos me and my MH could play with it without me accidentally hurting her hands with my razor sharp-- but adorable--little claws. I don't like when I do that, and I have it on very good authority that she doesn't like it either!

When I did go out this afternoon I saw that the rain had made lots of puddles on my grass and that is very unusual 'cos my house is right at the top of our little island and that's about 120 feet above the sea, and we shouldn't be having puddles,so it just shows how much rain we have had. I must admit that I had a wee paddle and I quite liked it, but I'm not too keen on getting my little feets wet, so I might not do it again unless it happens by accident when I am out later on tonight.

I think the rain has stopped and the wind is getting a bit quieter so I shall be happier when I get out to play before bedtime. I hope!!

Monday, 15 February 2016

A Very Cold Puss

I have had a very good day and I am pleased to report that I am right back to my normal, adorable little self today and I am eating all my dinners as though they are going out of fashion! My MH did mention that I emptied my plate and asked for more, but I tried to explain that I had a lot of dinners that I had missed and they left big empty spaces in my little tum, which now need to be filled up. See?

My DH went away to the Cat Shop as usual and the old dear got out the vacuum cleaner and all her dusters and polishes, so I sat on the window sill for a while and just thought. I decided it looked quite nice outside, so I found the old dear and asked her to let me out and off I went skipping gaily over the frozen grass. I tried to have a wee drink out of my fountain but it was frozed too so I didn't try in case I got my tongue stucked to it and that would not have been good at all, would it? NO!

I stayed out for a long time 'cos there were some birdies and some sheeps that I could have a chat too and then I decided it was home time and wandered back. Well, my dear friends, by the time I plopped in through my window I was nearly frozed too and when my MH lifted me up for my welcome home cuddle, she felt how cold I was and held me for a long time till I thawed out a bit. Oh dear, I was cold. VERY cold! But I was fine 'cos I had lots of dinners in side me to keep me from freezing completely.

In the afternoon, I had a snooze while my MH played on her Wii and then I asked her to play with me and we had great fun until the old boy came home and told us all about his day and we told him all the things we had been doing.

We have all had a good day and I hope your day has been a good one too.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

A Much Quieter Day

..... but a good day just the same. I am quite happy being quiet especially when it is so cold outside. We have had a couple of snowy showers but nothing for me to get excited about yet, although my little weather man friend says we might get more snow this week, so I am hoping that he is right.

I did venture out at one point around lunch time but about five minutes later I was hammering on the window to be let in again and when my MH cuddled me she realised how cold I was and gave me a great big warming cuddle which I needed---and liked!

A while later, after she had read her book, she decided to look and see where I was and she found me in the spare room under my blanket and when she stroked me, she found that I was as warm as toast and that made her smile. If you look at today's picture, you might notice that my DH's 'Countdown' teapot is there, but it has been moved and that's because yours truly has been jumping up on the top of the unit again and my humans are frightened I knock it down, so the old dear moved it. They don't know why I go up there, and I'm not telling!!

We all have had a very lazy day but we like that lots and the most work I have done has been wandering from bed to bed and then finding a knee to sit on.

It's hard work, but somebody has to do it! Hee hee

Saturday, 13 February 2016

A Crackin' Saturday

I got a surprise when I wakened up this morning 'cos my little island was all white and I thought it had been snowing, so I gobbled up my breakfast and asked my MH to let me out so that I could see for myself, but then I was disappointed 'cos it was just frost. Oh dear, I was a tad sad 'cos we haven't had any snow yet but I played on the grass for a while and it was quite crispy and it made my adorable little feets all cold so I didn't stay out too long and of course, when I went inside, there was a big warm cuddle waiting for me so that cheered me up again.

My day just got better and better and at one point I had two visitors who had come just to see me although the man visitor had to help my DH do something with his wheel while the lady visitor talked to my MH. I think the man visitor was showing my DH how to plug his wheel into the sun, so maybe it will be going soon. I liked the lady visitor 'cos when she came in, my MH said for her to sit anywhere, but she asked which was MY seat as she didn't want to upset me. Nice lady!

When they went away, me and my MH went into the gym but while she was doing all her exercises, I was able to play on my grass and I liked that although every now and then, I would nip in to see how she was getting on and purr some encouragement for the old dear. She likes that.

I have been in and out a lot today and my adorable little tummy is almost back to being perfect again, so me and my humans are quite happy now.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Normal Service.....

.... is almost resumed as far as this adorable little puss is concerned. I am feeling much better and I have been eating all my dinners and even drinking my milk. In fact, I got a wee surprise this morning which I am sure will make you smile, andf then you will realise how totally, TOTALLY spoiled I am.

Me and my MH got up this morning and I asked her to please feed me which made her very happy and she stood and watched while I ate all my breakfast and she was very happy. She told me that she was going to be changing the sheets and duvets so I decided to nip back to bed for a while 'cos it was still lovely and cosy. My MH ate up all her cereal and then she came to find me and I had my little drop of milk in my bed! Oh, it was brilliant! I nave never had breakfast in bed before, but my MH said it was just because it was her birthday today and it wouldn't happen again. I don't mind though, 'cos it was super.

I helped her put all the clean stuff on the beds and we had a play while we were doing that and I liked that too and then it was time for my DH to come home with our box and the STRING! Oh I am so happy that I was feeling well enough to play with it and we played for ages and ages.

After I had another rest, me and my MH played with my mouse on a stick and again we had great fun. So you can see that I am just about back to normal being a very well and very happy little puss.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Now, here's a problem

You all know I have been a wee bit off colour lately, and altough I am not sick, my MH thinks I am just not right somehow and she is a bit worried. However, I did something today which has made her very confused and it made my DH shook his head even more than usual.

We all had a good day and I slept most of the time while my MH did more of her housework, but every now and then she would come to me and give me a wee cuddle and that made me happy. Then in the afternoon, I got a great big surprise when my friend S. brought her friend A. into my house to see me again. They both cuddled me and then I sat on the back of my couch and just listened while all the humans chatted.

When my visitors went away, it was then that I did something that my poor old MH just doesn't understand. I asked her for a wee drop of dinner and she put some in my plate, but I only took a little mouthful and then left it. She thought that I might like some tuna so she put some of that on another plate and gave it to me, but after I sniffed it, I just walked away. The old dear was worried but then she had an idea and she put a tiny drop of mayonnaise on the tuna and gave it back to me. Can you guess what I did? You probably can.

I gobbled up the tuna and then ate more than half of the cat food that was in my other dish! You probably knew that's what was going to happen, but can you work out why?

Nope. Neither can my humans.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Happy Me

It has been a good day Chez Squeak and I have had good fun with my MH 'cos my DH was away to the Cat Shop. Wednesday in my house is for the girls and me and my MH do lots of things together. I was just a tad annoyed 'cos she had to do the housework that didn't get done when they were in Kirkwall yesterday, but she did it quickly so that she had plenty of time for me. It was raining and very cold outside, so I just contented myself on my bed having little snoozes between cuddles and chats with the old dear.

In the afternoon when she had finished on her Wii, I asked her to play with me and my new mouse-on-a-stick toy and of course she did and we had the bestest of fun. She tooked some pictures to show you what a good time I was having.

There is one picture which isn't quite right, but it shows you how I look when I have my tongue out and we thought it might make you smile.

I hope it does 'cos I like thinking that I have made you a wee bit happy!

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

All Alone

I have nothing to tell you today 'cos I have been all alone in my house as my humans were away to Kirkwall to do some shopping, but they brought me back some treats and the biggest cuddle I have ever had, so I didn't mind.

It was wet and a bit breezy on my little island and to be honest I did feel a tad sorry for the old dears having to go out in it, but they were both well wrapped up, so they were ok.

And me? Well, the window had to be closed, so I decided just to wander round my house having a wee sleep on the various beds which I have made my own, so I had a very good day. However, it improved one hundred percent at twenty minutes past four o'clock when my door opened and back came my humans with this great big cuddle from my MH which made me the happiest puss in the world again.

So, that's all for today, but hopefully I will have a lot more news for you tomorrow.

Monday, 8 February 2016

A Good Monday

It has been a good day for me and my humans. Weather-wise, it's not great, but at least I have been able to get to play whenever I want to. It has been very cold so when I did go out, I didn't stay out too long and came back in for a cuddle.

As usual, it was house-working day in my house, so I just wandered about from room to room following my MH and if I didn't know where she was, I just had to listen for the vacuum cleaner and then I knew where to find her. At one point, she lost me though and had to look all over the house for me and then she found me in the spare room under my blanket again and I was sound asleep so she just stroked me and went away.

We had a few wee plays in my living room with all my toys and my DH has made me a new toy which I will show you tomorrow. You know how much I love playing with my little mouses that my friend J. gave me and sometimes when my MH is playing with me, I accidentally scratch her with my incredibly sharp little claws and that upsets me, so she asked my DH to put a bit of string on its tail so that we can play with it without the old dear getting her little hand in the way of my lethal weapons. I liked it lots and I played with my DH but the camera wasn't ready for me, so I will show you another time.

What I can show you is all the starlings that were in my back garden this morning. My MH was busy but she heard me growling and saw my tail was swishing so she looked out of the window to see what was making me do that and she saw all the starlings so she tooked this picture so that you could see them too. I am sure you will like it.

If the weather is OK, my humans are going to Kirkwall tomorrow so yours truly will be spending the day having a snooze until they come home again. I hope they bring me something nice. I shall let you know.

Sunday, 7 February 2016


I have had a very good day and you will be pleased to hear that my adorable little tummy is filled up. I have found my appetite again and I am a very well little Squeak.

I am also a very happy little Squeak 'cos we had visitors today and you all know how much I love visitors into my house. We have quite a big television and every now and then my MH gets a new film and she invites my friends S. and M. to come and watch it with her while my DH goes and does something else and today was one of those days. I love when there are people in my house 'cos I am a very friendly little puss and I love it lots when people make a fuss of me, and you all know how much my friend S. does that, so I have had a good day.

The film we watched was 'The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' and it was good. I watched a wee bit before I decided to go out to play but all the ladies said they enjoyed it and for the first time in a long time, my DH's football team won, so both my humans were happy today, and I am hoping that will last for a long time.

So, you can see that I am fine especially as my MH played with me and my string this morning. She was a bit worried about me not eating as much as normal and wanted to make sure that I was still happy and I think you can see the answer to that!

I am very happy, thank you very much, and I hope you are happy too.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

More String Fun

I am still not very hungry although I did have a light supper before bed last night and I have had a wee nibble at my dinner today, so I am not starving. I think my dear old MH is a bit worried about me, but I am fine really. Just not very hungry.

I have had a good day playing with the old dear and we even found the bit of string that we played with yesterday so she got down on the floor and we played more with it today and it made my DH laugh when he saw what we were doing. I liked it lots.

We even played my favourite game on top of my bed when she wrapped me up in my blanket and tickled me and I pretended to be very fierce. I did stick my adorable little claws out quite a lot and my MH had to be careful 'cos I didn't want to hurt her.

We both went outside to feed the birdies and we played in the garden for a while but it was very cold so we didn't stay out too long. We had good fun though and we were both happy. Apart from that, I haven't done very much at all, but I am quite excited about tomorrow 'cos my two friends S. and M. are coming to my house to see another film and they always make a fuss of me, which, as you know, is exactly what I was made for!

I just love cuddles and fussing and sitting on the knees of my very favourite humans so tomorrow will be a good day for me, and I hope it is a good day for you too.

Friday, 5 February 2016


It's Friday again and Friday is string day, so I have had good fun. I am a wee bit under the weather though, and haven't felt like eating too much, but apart from that, I am fine. I have been out playing a couple of times and spent a long time this afternoon playing with my MH, so I am fine on that score. I just don't feel like eating.

My DH came home at lunch time with our boxes and he tooked off a great big bit of string and began to play with me and I loved it. We were in the kitchen and the floor there doesn't have a carpet but it's got a linoleum kind of stuff on it, so at one point I had the string in my paws and between my teeth and when my MH pulled it, I slided all over the floor and I loved it again!

If you look closely at today's picture, you will see that I am sitting on my couch but not on my blanket and I am sure you will be wondering why. Well, it is because my MH decided to clean all the furniture in my living room with some nice smelly polish. My DH tooked himself off to another room, but I stayed put and just stayed one paw ahead of the polish, if you see what I mean! Hee hee

I am resting on my couch now and hoping to get my appetite back. I shall let you know tomorrow how I am feeling, but I hope you are well.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Lazy Squeak

I have very little news for you today because I have been sleeping lots and lots. I decided to have a duvet day and just wandered round my various sleeping places having a little snooze on each bed.

It is so lovely and quiet on my little island without all the horrid winds shouting at us and as my humans were a bit busy, I thought that my sleeping places were definitely the best option. My MH was doing some of her housework and she had a few wee jobs for my DH which kept him very busy, but she has promised that there won't be any work now until Monday, so that is fine.

Remember I told you that my DH was watching football last night? Well, if I tell you that at the end of it he wasn't a happy DH, can you work out that his team were beaten? Oh dear. Me and my MH didn't say anything. That was the wise thing to do!

I have been outside a few times but there isn't very much for me to do right now and it is quite cold, so I nip home fairly quickly back into the heat and I know that if I want to play, I just have to ask.

I shall probably ask tomorrow, but tonight I am resting.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Much Quieter

We have been able to get back to normal today. My DH nipped away on the boat to the Cat Shop and me and my MH had a girlie couch day which we both liked. She did a wee bit of housework and I just wandered about with her while she talked to me all the time.

It wasn't windy on my little island but it was cold and one time , after I had been outside for quite a long time, I was very cold when I came home but my MH lifted me up and cuddled me warm again and that was just brilliant. It was well worth getting cold!

In the afternoon, I watched her as she played on her Wii but in between times we had lots of seats on my couch and lots of wee chats and I liked that too. I asked her to take a picture of my DH's wheel which is nearly finished. I don't really understand this bit, but I think it still has to get wired into the sunshine and I am not sure how he is going to do that, but I shall let you know if I ever find out.

When my MH was working in the other room, I sat and looked out the window 'cos I was getting a different view, but you can't see it very well 'cos it was raining but I could see the farm next door where the nice farmer man and lady live, but I didn't see them. They were probably working hard.

My DH is watching the football tonight so my little paws are crossed that his team wins 'cos he is not a happy DH when they lose. And they have lost too much for his liking so anything can happen tonight.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

What a Night!

I thought Gusty Gertie was bad, but we could sleep while she was shouting all night, but then along came Horrible Henry last night and he was AWFUL! He was screaming all through the night and my poor old MH couldn't sleep, so she tooked her duvet and pillow and went to another room to try and sleep on the couch and I went with her to make sure she was fine. And my DH? He was sound asleep and I don't think he even knew there was a wind. Sigh!!

We wakened up about six o'clock in this morning and had a listen and we heard that the wind was just whispering a bit and that the storm was away somewhere else, so the old dear tooked her duvet and pillow and we went back to our own little bed and had a very good sleep for another wee while. And my DH? Still sound asleep!!

It has been a better day and I have been in and out a lot. The ground is very wet, so when I come in, my adorable little paws leave beautiful little marks on the furniture, but my MH just smiles and then gets a cloth to clean them off, so that I can put more on the next time I come in.

We went into the gym for a while and I watched as her little legs did all their exercises and then I sat with her on the couch while she got her breath back. It has been a good day and I have liked it lots especially as it is a lot quieter without a wind shouting at us.

I just hope it stays like this for a while. My DH is hoping to get to the Cat Shop tomorrow, so me and my MH are going to have a girlie day in with no wind and no housework, just play time for Squeak. Oh yippee, I can hardly wait!

Monday, 1 February 2016

Horrible Henry

We had a day of peace and quiet when Gusty Gertie went away but now Horrible Henry is here and the wind is shouting at me again and every time I have gone out today, I have got soaked in all the rain. I think there is a big cloud just waiting for me to put my adorable little self outside and then it empties itself on top of me. Not a happy Intrepid-Squeak.

Now, I suppose you are asking why I have sended you a picture of a very lumpy blanket, although if you read about me a lot, you might have guessed, but if you haven't, then it's me! I am that lump and that is a very special blanket. When my MH's mummy was a very old lady, she came here to stay with my humans so that they could look after her and she knitted all those squares and then a friend joined them all together and made me a blanket. Well, they made a blanket and my MH said I could use it if I looked after it 'cos all this happened before I was made. I like it and I do look after it 'cos I am a very good puss.

I have had a good day and have been in and out quite a few times but it is cold and wet and windy, so I am happier being inside with my MH even when another little girl children came to my house tonight for guitar lessons and I had to listen from my hiding place under my couch. Ho hum. Al least it wasn't too long and she was actually quite good, but that's just between me and you.

I sat on my window sill for a while watching my sheeps friends and my MH tooked these pictures of the Jacob ram and I think this is Mrs. Jacob too. I like these sheeps and I am looking forward to better weather so that I can go into the field and have a chat with them.

I think I shall have to wait until Horrible Henry has gone away somewhere else----but who will be next I wonder?