Sunday, 14 February 2016

A Much Quieter Day

..... but a good day just the same. I am quite happy being quiet especially when it is so cold outside. We have had a couple of snowy showers but nothing for me to get excited about yet, although my little weather man friend says we might get more snow this week, so I am hoping that he is right.

I did venture out at one point around lunch time but about five minutes later I was hammering on the window to be let in again and when my MH cuddled me she realised how cold I was and gave me a great big warming cuddle which I needed---and liked!

A while later, after she had read her book, she decided to look and see where I was and she found me in the spare room under my blanket and when she stroked me, she found that I was as warm as toast and that made her smile. If you look at today's picture, you might notice that my DH's 'Countdown' teapot is there, but it has been moved and that's because yours truly has been jumping up on the top of the unit again and my humans are frightened I knock it down, so the old dear moved it. They don't know why I go up there, and I'm not telling!!

We all have had a very lazy day but we like that lots and the most work I have done has been wandering from bed to bed and then finding a knee to sit on.

It's hard work, but somebody has to do it! Hee hee

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