Sunday, 21 February 2016

A Worser Day

Oh dear it has been a very not nice day and again I have hardly been outside and when I have plucked up all my courage and ventured out, I have been so cold that I only stayed out for two or three minutes before I shot back inside for a warm-me-up cuddle. Not nice at all.

I am so glad that my MH washed my wee hoose 'cos that's where I have spent most of last night and today and it is lovely and soft again---and it smells nice too. And don't I look so cute and comfortable. It is just a pity you can't smell me!

I had some visitors to my house this afternoon and they were cat people, so they talked to me and stroked me and thought I was just lovely.

Modesty forbids me from saying any more!! Hee hee

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