Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Happy Me

It has been a good day Chez Squeak and I have had good fun with my MH 'cos my DH was away to the Cat Shop. Wednesday in my house is for the girls and me and my MH do lots of things together. I was just a tad annoyed 'cos she had to do the housework that didn't get done when they were in Kirkwall yesterday, but she did it quickly so that she had plenty of time for me. It was raining and very cold outside, so I just contented myself on my bed having little snoozes between cuddles and chats with the old dear.

In the afternoon when she had finished on her Wii, I asked her to play with me and my new mouse-on-a-stick toy and of course she did and we had the bestest of fun. She tooked some pictures to show you what a good time I was having.

There is one picture which isn't quite right, but it shows you how I look when I have my tongue out and we thought it might make you smile.

I hope it does 'cos I like thinking that I have made you a wee bit happy!


  1. Squeak, you can touch your nose with your tongue, such talent. Mouse on a stick sounds like an ice cream delight. That made me laugh. I am working on your picture, but I can't get your beautiful face just right. This may take longer than I first thought.

  2. I am all excited about my picture, Bonnie and thank you for doing that. I am glad I made you a wee bit happy when I told you about my new mouse toy. It really is great fun and I love it to bits.