Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Normal Service Part 2

My normal service part 1 was when my adorable little tummy got all better and I was able to eat and enjoy all my dinners again and normal service part 2 happened when I was snoozing in my little bed with my MH last night, so that I got a big surprise when I woked up this morning. My DH had fixed the string on my little mouse again so that me and my MH could play with it today when he was in the Cat Shop. Yippee!

Today's picture shows me attacking said mouse before he fixed it and you can see how fierce I can look when I try. Normally I am all sweetness and light but I have my moments and I think this might have been one of them!

We have had a good day and I helped my MH when she was doing some baking and then she asked me to go into the gym with her and of course I did. I even managed a wee play on my grass while she was doing her exercises, but it was still a bit too wet for me, so I just nipped back in to the gym and I sat and watched her and I know she liked that.

So that has been my day. Fortunately, the rain has stopped and the wind has taken its blowing away someplace else, so my little island has been quite pleasant although it is still a bit cold.

In fact, it is FREEZING!!!

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