Friday, 5 February 2016


It's Friday again and Friday is string day, so I have had good fun. I am a wee bit under the weather though, and haven't felt like eating too much, but apart from that, I am fine. I have been out playing a couple of times and spent a long time this afternoon playing with my MH, so I am fine on that score. I just don't feel like eating.

My DH came home at lunch time with our boxes and he tooked off a great big bit of string and began to play with me and I loved it. We were in the kitchen and the floor there doesn't have a carpet but it's got a linoleum kind of stuff on it, so at one point I had the string in my paws and between my teeth and when my MH pulled it, I slided all over the floor and I loved it again!

If you look closely at today's picture, you will see that I am sitting on my couch but not on my blanket and I am sure you will be wondering why. Well, it is because my MH decided to clean all the furniture in my living room with some nice smelly polish. My DH tooked himself off to another room, but I stayed put and just stayed one paw ahead of the polish, if you see what I mean! Hee hee

I am resting on my couch now and hoping to get my appetite back. I shall let you know tomorrow how I am feeling, but I hope you are well.

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  1. Dear Squeak, you do look like you are having fun with the string. I hope you feel more like eating tomorrow and feel better.