Monday, 29 February 2016


....if I did nothing yesterday, I have done even less today. Well, that's not quite true. I have eaten ---lots! For some reason I was very hungry when I wakened up this morning and even after I had gobbled up all my breakfast I was still a lot hungry so I was like Oliver Twist and I asked for some more please. Fortunately my MH is kinder than the people in the story and she gave me more and just shooked her head, but she smiled too.

I sat on my window sill and looked out at the rain and I thought about going out, but decided against it and just went back to bed and listened as the old dear ran all over my house with her vacuum cleaner and her dusters. Now, when I say 'ran', that is a slight exaggeration but I am sure you know what I mean.

She asked me if I wanted to go into the gym with her, but it was still raining so I declined and she went away herself and I snoozed till she came back. I managed to get up just as my DH came home and I discovered that I was hungry again so I just sat and stared at my empty dish with such a sad face that it made both my humans laugh, but I did get some more dinner, so I don't care.

I am feeling very well just now and I know that I will be going outside later on no matter what the weather is doing 'cos my nocturnal trips are my very favourite and I wouldn't miss them for the world.

But till then I shall have another wee snooze.

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