Tuesday, 2 February 2016

What a Night!

I thought Gusty Gertie was bad, but we could sleep while she was shouting all night, but then along came Horrible Henry last night and he was AWFUL! He was screaming all through the night and my poor old MH couldn't sleep, so she tooked her duvet and pillow and went to another room to try and sleep on the couch and I went with her to make sure she was fine. And my DH? He was sound asleep and I don't think he even knew there was a wind. Sigh!!

We wakened up about six o'clock in this morning and had a listen and we heard that the wind was just whispering a bit and that the storm was away somewhere else, so the old dear tooked her duvet and pillow and we went back to our own little bed and had a very good sleep for another wee while. And my DH? Still sound asleep!!

It has been a better day and I have been in and out a lot. The ground is very wet, so when I come in, my adorable little paws leave beautiful little marks on the furniture, but my MH just smiles and then gets a cloth to clean them off, so that I can put more on the next time I come in.

We went into the gym for a while and I watched as her little legs did all their exercises and then I sat with her on the couch while she got her breath back. It has been a good day and I have liked it lots especially as it is a lot quieter without a wind shouting at us.

I just hope it stays like this for a while. My DH is hoping to get to the Cat Shop tomorrow, so me and my MH are going to have a girlie day in with no wind and no housework, just play time for Squeak. Oh yippee, I can hardly wait!

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