Thursday, 31 March 2016


I think my little weather man friend must like me lots, 'cos he has been sending me some good weather which makes me want to go out play. It isn't as warm as I would like, but if I run around then I don't feel the cold too much, but oh, I am liking this lots and lots.

There are lots of little birdies coming back to see me, but the pesky swallows aren't here, so I am getting peace when I sit on my path and that's just what I did today. My humans were busy 'cos the old dear 'asked' my DH to help her shift some furniture in the living room so that she could vacuum all the corners, so I took my adorable little self out into my garden and enjoyed the peace and quiet.

It was good fun and by the time I had had enough, my humans were finished and my MH was having a rest on her couch, so you all know what I did, don't you? Yep, with one of my world famous leaps, I was on the old dear's knee and she was stroking my little lugs and I was just the happiest little puss in the en-tire world!

I have been spending all my evenings on my MH's knee while she works on her lap top and I am so very comfortable. I snuggle in beside her and when she is typing, she also tickles my lugs and every now and then she strokes me and tells me she loves me. I sleep there until it is time for her to go and get her shower and then I nip out to play, but I just love it---and I know she does too!

Oh yes, life is brilliant.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Back Again

Here I am again! I hope you didn't miss me too much yesterday but all the phones were off. Not just on my little island, but in lots of other parts of Orkney too and a phone man had to fly up in his helicopter to fix them all so that I could write to you and my humans could use the phone, so thank you very much man in helicopter. We are all very happy again.

It was such a shame that I couldn't tell you what I had been doing 'cos I had a very good day yesterday. My DH got a phone call from the optician man to tell him his new specs were ready, so he nipped away on the boat at lunch time and me and my MH decided to have an afternoon of fun. We went into the gym first but I played in my garden while she cycled and walked and when she was finished, she asked me if I wanted to go for a walk and you all know the answer to that one, don't you?

We didn't go too far, just a wee walk down the path, but she talked to me all the time and I ran all over the grass and sniffed all around and I liked it very much and so did the old dear, so we had a really good time and we told my DH all about it when he comed home. And, we liked his new glasses, so he was happy too.

Today has been a good day and I helped my MH to clean her little kangaroo this afternoon 'cos she wanted some fresh air and the inside of her little car was a wee bit dirty, so we had a long time outside which was great.

I think I was meant to be a spring and summer puss even though I was borned in the winter time, but I love the warmer weather and being able to play outside without getting frozed and blowed away, so I am looking forward to better weather any minute now!

Tuesday, 29 March 2016


I hope you haven't been worried. We are all very well, but something happened to all the phones on my little island and they stopped working this afternoon.

They have just all come back on again but me and my MH will soon be going to bed, so this is a very quick little message to let you know we are fine.

And I hope you are too.

Monday, 28 March 2016

A holiday day

My DH didn't go to the Cat shop today 'cos it was closed for Easter, so he was at home to play with me. I did mention to the old dear that she might play as well, but she decided she needed to do some housework first, so I just played with my DH.

He had lots of things to do outside, so that made me very happy and I did lots of running and sniffing while he was working but every now and then I would nip into my house to see how my MH was getting on and she liked that. I am a very caring puss, you know. :-))

I was just minding my own business and trying to decapitate a wee daisy on my lawn, when I got a big surprise. My MH had decided to wash all the outsides of our windows, so she was outside with us as well and I just followed her all round my house while she cleaned all the windows and that was good fun. There was only one little cloud on the horizon---literally!--- and as soon as the old dear had finished sparkling our windows, the little cloud burst and it rained--all over her nice clean windows! Oh dear, she wasn't at all happy, but after one of my special purrs, she was fine again.

Me and her played together for a while and I ran up and down a few poles which helps me to keep fit, but by the time I was finished, I needed a seat so I went inside and plonked my adorable little bum on my MH's knee and we sat there till it was time for her to make the dinners.

The rain has gone off again, so I will probably head outside once I have had a rest. A wee question. Where do all my little birdie friends go at night time? I see them when I am out through the day, but I can't find them at night time. Do they have little beds to go to and maybe a mummy bird to snuggle up to like I snuggle up with my MH.

I must ask Mr. Google and see if he can answer my question and of course, I will tell you. Unless you tell me first. Hee hee

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Happy Easter... you all. I hope you have had a very good day with lots of lovely Easter eggs. I have had a super day and my MH even managed to change our clocks properly this time! When we had to put them back an hour, the poor old dear got a tad muddled and managed to put them back a whole month early! Oh dear, we did chuckle--eventually, but today she got it right, and my DH was happy 'cos he has to go up the ladders in my kitchen to change one that is high up, and you can imagine he was not best pleased when she got it wrong!

There was a lot of wind on my island through the night and when we all got up, it was still windy and there was some rain too, so I didn't go out too much, but as the day went on, it got better and I was able to go out to play. It has just got better and better, so I think I will be able to have a good long play outside before bedtime 'cos it will be light much longer now and I like that.

I got my usual big surprise this afternoon when my friend S. came to see me and she gave my MH a brilliant big chocolate egg which I had a wee sniff at. Well, I sniffed the box 'cos the old dear won't let me near the egg. Boo! I don't know if I would like chocolate 'cos I have never tasted it, but I don't think my MH will ever give me some 'cos it is not good for us puss cats and she knows that.

I got lots of cuddles from my friend when she came and I sat on her knee for a wee while but then I had to go and sit with my MH 'cos I didn't want her to feel left out, but she knows I love her millions.

I am now curled up in my wee hoose gathering up all my energy which I will need for later on. I am looking forward to being outside later and I am hoping that it stays dry enough for me to play for a long, long time.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

And So....

.... we come to another weekend and I got a bit of a surprise this morning when the postie man brought me a great big box filled with all my favourite dinners and treats. Oh yum yum! When my MH wasn't looking, I had a quick sniff and count at all the dinners, and I think I won't be hungry for a very long time. Thank you MH.

It was quite windy through the night, so I just cosied in beside my MH and we were both very comfortable and the naughty wind didn't bother us at all, but when we got up, it had blowed away someplace else and my humans were able to leave the window open for me so I nipped in and out lots of times 'cos I was feeling very fit after my day of rest yesterday.

I even went to the gym with the old dear 'cos I know she likes it more if I am with her and I don't like her to be lonely. She did her exercises on her bike and I sniffed all over my garden, but by the time we were both finished, the rain was coming down, so it was time for puss cat and humans to settle down in my living room.

And that is still what we are doing and we are all enjoying it. I hope you are enjoying whatever you are doing and me and my humans hope you have a lovely Easter.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Friday Fun

I have had a very good day today although I must tell you that I have spent most of it on top of my little bed 'cos I have been tired. I don't know why I have been feeling sleepy, but I just wasn't in the mood for doing very much at all.

I did manage to get up for a little while to play with the string off our message boxes, but once I had done that, and had a wee seat with my MH, I choose another sleeping place and had another snooze. It is cold and quite windy on my little island, so I didn't really want to go outside. Even when my MH asked if I wanted to go to the gym with her, I still stayed on my bed and the poor old thing had to go away out on her own, but I am sure she didn't mind.

I got up at dinner time and discovered I had quite a bit of energy, so I asked if someone would play with me, but since my DH was reading his book, I gave my MH one of my really sad looks and it worked---just like I knew it would. She really is putty in my adorable little paws!

I scooted into my bedroom and we played for a while before going back into my living room where we played with my little mouse that my friend J. sended me a long time ago. It is my very favourite toy and when I am asked to pick something to play with, that is the one I always pick and I just love it---millions!

I am feeling very fine now, so I will have my usual nocturnal trips outside before bedtime which I know I will just love.I just hope the weather isn't too awful, but I will just have to wait and see. My little weather man friend said it might snow, but it hasn't so far, so maybe I will get out and back in before it starts.

I will let you know!

Thursday, 24 March 2016

More of the Same

My life might not be very exciting but it is a good one and there are lots of days which are just the same, but I am very happy with all the sameness, and today was one of those 'same' days.

We were all at home and my humans were both quite busy with bits of housework, so I just took myself off to one of my favourite resting places until they were finished, but as usual, my MH kept coming to find me and give me a wee cuddle while she played with my adorable little lugs, so I wasn't really on my own.

When she finishes her housework, the old dear is usually a wee bit tired and has to have a seat on my couch, so as soon as I hear all the polishes and dusters going back into their cupboard, I know it is time to find a knee and have a rest with her. That is our normal routine and it is a super one.

In the afternoon, I discovered that I was a wee bit energetic and as it was too cold to go out to play, I asked my MH to please play with me and she did just that,and we played on my carpet with all my toys until all my energy was used up and then I left her and crawled into my wee hoose for a snooze before my dinner.

So, that is my kind of day that I have lots and lots of times, and although it is not wildly exciting, it suits me fine and makes me happy, so I hope I will keep having days like this.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

A Good Day

I have had another good day just doing all the little things that I love and 'cos my MH was here to do them with me, that made my day a very good one. It is Wednesday and that means my DH nips away to the Cat Shop and me and my MH do lots of things together. And that's just what my day was like.

It started with me and her on the couch saying bye bye to my DH and then we had a wee chat together and she told me she was going to change the sheets and the duvet covers and I got very excited 'cos that always means lots of fun. It usually means me being a tad naughty and hiding in all the bed clothes where I shouldn't be and I get lifted of the bed lots of times, but I just keep jumping back on again and then I get tickled and cuddled as my MH lifts me off again. It is my very favourite game and I love playing it.

There's not very much housework done in my house on a Wednesday so there is always lots of time for me and we both went into the gym for a while this afternoon, but while the old dear was doing all her exercises, I played on the grass and went round to watch some of the little birdies having their dinner, and do you know what? They never flied away when they saw me! They must know I am a kind Squeak and that makes me feel happy.

I got a big surprise this afternoon when all the little childrens came to my house with their guitars so that my MH could show them how to play them. One of the childrens had broken her leg so my MH had been going to her house, but she is a bit better now, so they all came to me and, apart from the noise, I enjoyed playing with them. Actually, they are not too bad and it didn't hurt my little lugs too much! Hee hee

So, I have had a good day so far and I am hoping to get out to play for a while later on before I settle down for the night.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Much Better

I have had a much better day today and I think you will all know why. It is because both my humans have been at home with me and I have been the centre of their universe, which is just as it should be.

We all got up at our normal time and I took up my usual position on my MH's knee while she had her breakfast and then I had her last wee drop of milk and all the time she was talking to me and I was very happy. There was just one wee cloud on my otherwise sparkling horizon and that was that it was housework day 'cos she didn't get my house all cleaned yesterday, but even that didn't upset me too much and every now and then the old dear would come and find me to tell me she loved me, so I was fine.

It was still a cold day, so I had a couple of very quick trips outside but I was very happy to get inside again and settle down on my couch, but at one point when my MH was coming out of the bathroom, I was waiting for her and I scooted into my bedroom quicker than the speed of sound and that was me telling her that I needed to play NOW! Fortunately, she picked up the signal and and followed me in and we played for ages. She rolled me up in my blanket and tickled me and I loved it, but the best bit was still to come 'cos when we went back into my living room, she knelt down on the floor and we played some more for another long time and it was just magic.

I love playing with my humans and I know they love playing with me so life Chez Squeak is just the bestest fun ever, but I hope that you have lots of fun too wherever you are.

Monday, 21 March 2016

All Alone Was I

Well, as I told you, we were all up very early this morning as my humans were going to Kirkwall on the first boat and that leaves my little island early---well, earlier than my humans are used to getting up!

It was a wee bit wet and a bigger bit cold and when my MH suggested I went out before they left, I got as far as my door and then scooted right back into my living room again. I was NOT going out in that!

So, off they went and yours truly nipped back into my little bed and that's where I stayed until they came home. Well, that's what my MH thinks I did and of course I can't tell her what I really did. I have had lots of cuddles since they came home and I am now curled up in my MH's knee as she is trying to write this to you and for some reason, she is making an awful lot of mistakes!

She reckons it has something to do with an adorable little puss parked on her knee but, as usual, she doesn't mind 'cos she loves me MILLIONS!

Sunday, 20 March 2016

A Normal Sunday

And a normal Sunday in my house is a very lazy day 'cos that is just how we all like it. We didn't get up too early and when we did, we all had a seat and a chat while we were having our breakfast and we all decided that, as it was still a bit on the cool side, we would just stay indoors and do lots of things inside my house. And I liked that.

I spent my time sitting on my MH's knee or curled up inside my wee hoose just building up my strength for the week ahead. My humans told me that they are going away on the early boat tomorrow as my DH has to take his eyes to the eye doctor and my MH is going with him. We will all be up very early, but as soon as they have nipped away, I shall be back in my little bed to catch up with my sleep.

I got a very pleasant surprise this afternoon when my friend S. came to see me. I was having a snooze when I heard her voice at my door and I made all the humans laugh when I ran to meet her. I like when S. comes to see me 'cos she lifts me up and cuddles me and tells me I am beautiful, and that is just what I like to hear. We played with some of my toys and at one time it was quite funny 'cos S. was down on the floor but she was so busy talking to my MH that she didn't notice that I was sitting on my window sill 'cos I had decided to stop playing, but I hadn't told her! Oops!

Sorry, S. I will play longer next time. Promise!

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Too Cold

It has been too cold today for my MH to go out to do more gardening and I was quite happy staying inside with her and my DH. It was a good enough day for pussy cats but the wind was a wee bit too chilly for my humans so it was decided not to do anymore outside until it was a bit warmer, so we have just had our normal lazy Saturday.

I did have a play outside for a while after my breakfast but even a hardy, intrepid little puss like me felt it a bit cool so I was soon back on my couch cuddling up to my MH and listening as she talked to me. We all watched the rugby for a while but I am afraid I fell asleep half way through so I didn't get to see who won, although the look on my DH's face told me very quickly! Shame.

My DH showed me this great big bit of string and I had a wee play with it, but I didn't like it as much as the string that is on our boxes. I had a wee play but it was a bit heavy and I told the old boy that he could have it as it wasn't exactly to my taste!

I let my MH go in to her little gym all by herself as I was snoozing at the time and I was so comfortable that I didn't want to move, so when she asked if I wanted to go out with her, I just opened one adorable little eye and shut it again very quickly and she got the message.

So that has been my day really and I don't have much news for you. I am having my after dinner snooze and then I shall venture out before bedtime and see what is happening on my little island and I shall report to you tomorrow, but I hope you are having a very good day and that tomorrow will be good for you too.

Friday, 18 March 2016


Don't worry, it was a nearly cat-astrophe, but I am purrfectly fine. I shall explain. Do you remember that I told you that if the weather was going to be good today, then my MH would go out and trim some of the bushes in my garden and of course, I was needed to help? Well, the weather WAS good so off we went this afternoon with my MH clutching her little secateurs to do all the cutting and I went with her to oversee the entire operation.

I ran all over my garden while the old dear got to work and she was happily snipping away when the dreadful deed nearly happened. Well, just as she got hold of a big clump and was poised to cut, yours truly made a great big spring and landed right on the bit she was about to cut!! Oh my word. I was this close to being secateured for ever! I was so relieved that my MH's glasses work so well, 'cos she saw me and stopped right away and so I am still in one piece. Thankfully!

It didn't stop me though and I spent all the time we were in the garden just doing the same thing and then my DH came out to cut our pampas grass and I did the same thing with him, but my MH had warned him so he kept watching me and so we are all back in my living room safe and sound and all in one piece.

I have had a brilliant day and I am hoping we can do something the same tomorrow. Oh yes, I just LOVE all this gardening.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Still Good

My little weather man friend said that today was the warmest day so far and I have liked it lots. It meant that I could stay outside just as long as I wanted to. I could even lie on my grass or my path without getting wet and with all the little birdies around my house, I have had lots of company. But that's not the bestest bit 'cos that bit was when my humans came outside to be with me and that made me oh so happy. With all the good weather, they have lots to do outside and so I can just wander about watching them and helping them and I just love that.

I heard my MH tell the old boy that if it is good tomorrow, then she is going to prune some of the honeysuckle bush, so that means she will be outside again with me. I am going to ask her to take her camera so that I can pose for some more action shots to show you what an acrobatic little puss I am.

I have been outside nearly all day and I am so tired now that I am having a little snooze in my wee hoose, but I have told the Boss what to tell you so that I can gather up more energy for my nocturnal perambulations before bedtime.

I have decided that I am spring and summer time puss. I don't really mind the autumn if the wind isn't too naughty, but I am not very happy in the winter except if it is snowing but it hasn't snowed very much at all since I have been borned. My favourite weather is the hot sunshine when I can lie on the grass or on my path and just watch the world go by.

I will have to ask my little weather man friend if I am going to have a warm summer this year, but all my adorable little paws are crossed. I will let you know what he tells me.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

More Fun

....... for this adorable little puss. I am loving wakening up and not hearing the wind or the rain and then being able to get out to play as soon as I have had my breakfast, and today was one of these days. My DH went away to the Cat Shop, my MH had a wee read at her paper and I wandered round my garden listening to the little birdies.

I asked my MH to take a picture of some of the little birdies who have been coming to my bird feeder so here it is. I like these wee birdies but the starlings are still my favourite with all their lovely colours. Sometimes I wish I had lots of bright colours but I am just black and white---and beautiful!

My MH had to go out for a while this afternoon, but she left the window open for me so I was perfectly happy nipping in and out of my window just waiting for her to come home again and then one of the little childrens came for guitar lesson, so guess what I did? Yep, I nipped out of the window again and found a nice quite bit in my garden until she went away home again.

Sensible as well as adorable!

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

More of the Same

Which means lots of cuddles and lots of outside playtimes and I don't need to tell you how happy that has made me. Both my humans had lots of time for me and I had a particularly good time helping my MH to do her ironing and I am sure you will want to hear all about it.

We have a utility room in my house and that is where the old dear likes to do her ironing and while she is working, I like to stand up beside the sink especially if there is a wee drop of water in the basin. I stood and looked into the basin and that told her that I wanted some water and she duly obliged, but then she put a wee leaf in it and that gave me lots and lots of fun as I tickled it with my little paw. I played with that little leaf for ages and ages. I tickled it and then I killed it and then I reesu--resussy--- brought it back to life again (Well, I am just a puss and I can't spell great big words yet!) I did this over and over until me and the little leaf were tired and my MH was finished her ironing but she told me that I had made the time go past very quickly for her and that made me very happy.

My DH had lots to do outside so every now and then I would wander over to where he was and he told me what he was doing and I just sat there and watched him and some of my birdie friends came and sat on the fence and watched us. There are lots more birdies coming to our feeder now and I like sitting on my window sill watching them having their dinner.

I went into the gym with my MH but once she was on her bike and had her music plugged into her lugs, I went out to play and just managed to get back in time to play the game with her headphones as she was putting them back into their little case. I love that game and it always makes her laugh.

I am now having a snooze in my wee hoose. I am a wee bit tired 'cos I have had a very busy day, but it has been another brilliant day and I hope you day has been just as brilliant too!

Monday, 14 March 2016

More Great Fun

I have hardly been inside my house all day 'cos the weather is still like Spring and I have been outside having a great time.

We were all up a wee bit early as my DH needed to get ready to go to the Cat Shop and my MH needed to look out all her dusters and polishes and I needed my breakfast! I demolished that and then headed out to see what was happening and I managed to get back inside just in time to have a seat with the old dear before she started turning my house upside down.

I spent the rest of my morning looking out my window and then resting on my bed and at one time when I was doing the looking out bit, I saw this funny boat sailing out of the harbour and I thought you might like to see it too.

I helped my MH take some food out for the little birdies and then we both watched as they all came and sat on my fence waiting in a queue to get into the feeder and we both like this little birdie who was waiting very patiently but finally did get a wee feed so it was happy.

I got a brilliant surprise in the afternoon when my friend S. came to see me. I haven't seen her for a long time so I got a great big cuddle and I liked that, but even better, she played with me and my mouse on a string down on my floor and we both had smashing fun.

I am now having a snooze 'cos I am a wee bit tired out after all the excitement of my crackin' day. I hope you have had a good day too.

Sunday, 13 March 2016


What a brilliant day I have had. Absolutely fantastic! One of the very bestest days I have had for a long, long time and it has made me a very happy little puss. When I wakened up this morning, I had a wee listen and as I didn't hear any wind or rain, I went up on my window sill and looked out to see that it was a lovely day. Spring had landed on my little island and I for one wanted to enjoy it, so I gently nudged my MH and asked her to please waken up and feed me so that I could get out to play.

Well, after quite a few nudges and a jab with one of my adorable little claws, she finally got the message and very soon I was out in my garden having a lovely time. For a wee while I just sat and watched and listened. I could see the sheeps and I could hear the birdies all whistling, chirping and singing and I liked that sound lots so I listened for a long time.

I wandered down to the big shed beside my house and had a sniff all round and I wandered through the fields just watching, sniffing and listening. I was outside for a long time and by the time I decided to go home I was a bit tired so I had a snooze while my MH decided to go out for a walk. I wasn't best pleased that she went without me, but she was frightened that the doggies might be where she was going, so maybe I was safer in my little bed. But what a surprise I got when she came home!

My humans noticed this little flower growing in the middle of my grass and as the old dear was going out to take a photograph of it for you, she asked me if I wanted to go out with her. WHOOSH! I was at the door itching to get outside again and I had brilliant fun as you can see from the other pictures.

We were out for a long time and I had my first pole dance of the season. I ran and ran and at one point I had a ginormous jump miles up into the air to catch some flies and that made my MH laugh. Oh, it was great fun and the weather is still good, so after I have had my after-dinner nap, I shall be going outside again and I think this might be my first very late night of this year.

Sorry, humans, but it has to be done!

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Squeak's Saturday

There's not too much to tell you today because I have been a rather lazy puss just wandering around my house and garden doing little bits of not a lot, but enjoying myself as I did them.

As usual, my humans have been rather lazy too and I have had lots of time sitting with my MH and just listening as she told me lots of stories and I like that. She was playing with her Wii as I wandered into my living room, so she decided that it was time I got weighed and my little Wii Mii was very happy with me as you will see in one of today's pictures. I am just the perfectest weight, it told me, so me and my MH were very happy with that.

There were lots of birdies at my feeder this afternoon and I sat on my window sill watching them having a feed but I didn't chase them away 'cos I am a good puss. But you knew that, didn't you?

I have been out a few times and it was good 'cos it wasn't just as cold, but now I am lying on my MH's knee with my adorable little head on her lap top as she is writing this and I have just heard her telling my DH that with all the mistakes she is making trying to type around my adorable little head, it is taking her twice as long as usual to write to you.

But she doesn't mind at all 'cos she loves me MILLIONS and likes when I cosy up beside her, and I like it too, so I am staying here till I decide it is time to go outside again.

Friday, 11 March 2016

String-a-Ling Friday

Another crackin' day full of play times and cuddles, and I have LOVED every minute of it! It was a bit wet on my little island so my trips outside have been few and very short, but I have had great fun inside my house so I am not complaining.

Me and my MH had lots of long seats on my couch as she promised and she talked to me as she was stroking my adorable little lugs and I just lay there enjoying it and purring very loudly 'cos it was oh so good.

She had a wee while in the gym but I let her go on her own because I was in the middle of a wonderful dream where I was saving the world and I didn't want it to end so I just stayed sleeping when she asked me if I wanted to go with her.

My poor old DH had to go away to the pier in all the rain to get our boxes but when he came home, I made him happy by playing with him and the string and I made my humans laugh when I skidded all over my kitchen floor chasing the string that he was holding for me. It was brilliant!

Later on, I asked my MH to play with me on the carpet and I showed her how clever I was 'cos I played with my little mouse AND the string all at the same time.

So, that has been my day. Full of fun that has made me just the happiest little puss and I hope you have been happy too.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Another Good Day

I am enjoying my days 'cos although it is cold, it still feels as though Spring might not be too far away and I am able to get out to play more and more so that makes me happy.

Both my humans were at home with me all day and that is just how I like it and even though the old dear was doing a lot of housework, I was still happy just watching her and listening as she told me everything she was doing especially when she promised that the rest of the weekend is all MINE!

I went into my garden for a long explore and had a wee look at some of the birdies that were at my feeder and I noticed that one wee birdie was sitting right inside the feed box having a wee snooze and then, when she wakened up, she had a wee feed and then flied away again and that made me happy.

By the time I got home again, my MH had finished using all her polishes and dusters and she was sitting on my couch just waiting for me to sit beside her and of course I did just that! We had a lovely quiet time before she asked if I wanted to go into the gym with her and I did, but this time I was careful not to go on the treadmill 'cos it goes far too fast for these adorable little feets. I just sat and watched her till she was finished and then we had a wander round my garden again, but by this time it was getting too cold to be out so we nipped into my living room and cosied up on my couch again.

But it has been a very good day and I hope your day has been a good one too.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Shocked Squeak

When I wakened up this morning I was in a very good mood, but I am afraid it disappeared right after my breakfast. Now, I know you will be wondering what could upset this adorable, easy-going little puss, and of course I shall tell you.

When my DH was getting ready to go to the Cat shop, I made a simple request. I asked if I could go with him 'cos I have heard my humans talking about the pussy cat in the shop called Moxie and I thought I would like to meet him and introduce myself, but the old boy said 'No'. Well, I was stunned! I cannot remember when I was last refused a request and I did not like it one little bit.

My MH said that there are two spellings of 'request'. When they ask for something, it is r-e-q-u-e-s-t, but she said when I ask, the spelling is
d-e-m-a-n-d! That did make me chuckle and I forgot to be annoyed at my DH, but then he explained that I would have to stay inside the shop all day 'cos it is right on the busy road and since I am not used to lots of traffic I might get hurt. My humans told me that they wanted to keep me safe 'cos they love me millions, so I would be much safer at home with my MH. I had a wee think and decided that maybe they were right after all, so I stopped sulking.

My day did get a lot better 'cos I helped my MH do some baking and the weather was so good that she left the door open all the time she was working which meant that I could lie on my path in the sunshine and watch her, so I was back to being a very happy little Squeak again.

No more sulking 'cos I don't look my best when I am sulking!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Quiet Tuesday

I have been on my own today 'cos my humans had to go away over to Stromness, but as usual, I was fine because I had been able to get out for a wee while before they left me, but it was so cold that I was only too happy to get back into my house where it was lovely and warm.

I had lots of decisions to make. Like, should I sleep on my bed or on my couch or should I wander round my house looking for a little bit of sunshine which was coming through my window? I think I must have been wondering so hard that I made my adorable little self very tired 'cos the next thing I knew was that my MH was standing in my kitchen and calling my name! And I was sound asleep. Oops!

Yesterday, I nearly caused an accident 'cos the old dear was cleaning the bathroom and I decided to go and see her, but then I noticed a little ray of sunshine right across the carpet outside the bathroom door, so I lay down to have a wee sun bathe and when the poor old soul was finished she comed out of the bathroom and nearly falled over me. But luckily she noticed me and didn't stand on me.

And I for one was very happy about that!

Monday, 7 March 2016

A Good Monday

My days just keep getting better and even the weather wasn't too bad so I have had a very good day.

We were all up quite early cos the old boy was going to the Cat Shop and when he is up, we are all up! So, oft he went and me and my MH had a seat while we decided what to do with our day although since it was Monday, she already knew 'cos the whole world knows that Monday in my house is cleaning day.

I went back to lie on my little bed while she hoovered and dusted but every now and then, she would come to me and give me a cuddle which was good. As soon as she was all finished and the vacuum and the dusters were all put away, we had another seat on my couch and I lay on her knee as she stroked my little lugs.I had quite a few trips outside and in some places there were wee drops of snow on my garden and the water outside was frozen so I didn't stay out too long but I enjoyed it while I was out. The sun was shining but the wind was cold, so I wandered round to the bits of my house that were sheltered and I wasn't frozed. Good thinking, eh?

In the afternoon, my MH invited me into the gym with her and it was here that I nearly came a-cropper 'cos I was still having a sniff on the treadmill just as she was setting off on a long walk! Oh dear, thank goodness I managed to get off just in time. Phew!

So, that has been my day and it has been a good one, so I am now resting until it is time to go out before bedtime.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Sleepy Sunday

Well, it was a bit sleepy early on but I did go out to play for a while and managed to have a good old hunt before the snowy shower came on. Every time I have gone out I come back in all speckled with little bits of snow and my MH said I was like a dalmation pussy cat and she said that would make me unique if I wasn't already unique, 'cos she said there isn't another pussy cat like me so that made me very pleased and I puffed out my adorable little chest.

I had to keep my DH company for a while this afternoon when my MH and her friend went to the graveyard and she was so very cold when she comed back to us that I had to give her a ginormous cuddle to warm her up again.

We then settled down on my couch to watch the tennis and it was a brilliant match but I think my MH has chewed all her fingers 'cos it was very exciting and there were lots of 'Oh Andy' coming from my humans and I just had to close my eyes. I wasn't sleeping, you understand, I just wasn't looking!

There was a big birdie at our feeder this morning and that's what today's pictures are. I sat on the window sill while he had a wee feed and then when he was all full up, he flied away and all the littler birds came for their dinner and I watched them too.

I like helping to feed the little birdies and because I know they are hungry, I don't chase them away. I think I am just the perfectest puss ever!