Monday, 7 March 2016

A Good Monday

My days just keep getting better and even the weather wasn't too bad so I have had a very good day.

We were all up quite early cos the old boy was going to the Cat Shop and when he is up, we are all up! So, oft he went and me and my MH had a seat while we decided what to do with our day although since it was Monday, she already knew 'cos the whole world knows that Monday in my house is cleaning day.

I went back to lie on my little bed while she hoovered and dusted but every now and then, she would come to me and give me a cuddle which was good. As soon as she was all finished and the vacuum and the dusters were all put away, we had another seat on my couch and I lay on her knee as she stroked my little lugs.I had quite a few trips outside and in some places there were wee drops of snow on my garden and the water outside was frozen so I didn't stay out too long but I enjoyed it while I was out. The sun was shining but the wind was cold, so I wandered round to the bits of my house that were sheltered and I wasn't frozed. Good thinking, eh?

In the afternoon, my MH invited me into the gym with her and it was here that I nearly came a-cropper 'cos I was still having a sniff on the treadmill just as she was setting off on a long walk! Oh dear, thank goodness I managed to get off just in time. Phew!

So, that has been my day and it has been a good one, so I am now resting until it is time to go out before bedtime.

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