Sunday, 20 March 2016

A Normal Sunday

And a normal Sunday in my house is a very lazy day 'cos that is just how we all like it. We didn't get up too early and when we did, we all had a seat and a chat while we were having our breakfast and we all decided that, as it was still a bit on the cool side, we would just stay indoors and do lots of things inside my house. And I liked that.

I spent my time sitting on my MH's knee or curled up inside my wee hoose just building up my strength for the week ahead. My humans told me that they are going away on the early boat tomorrow as my DH has to take his eyes to the eye doctor and my MH is going with him. We will all be up very early, but as soon as they have nipped away, I shall be back in my little bed to catch up with my sleep.

I got a very pleasant surprise this afternoon when my friend S. came to see me. I was having a snooze when I heard her voice at my door and I made all the humans laugh when I ran to meet her. I like when S. comes to see me 'cos she lifts me up and cuddles me and tells me I am beautiful, and that is just what I like to hear. We played with some of my toys and at one time it was quite funny 'cos S. was down on the floor but she was so busy talking to my MH that she didn't notice that I was sitting on my window sill 'cos I had decided to stop playing, but I hadn't told her! Oops!

Sorry, S. I will play longer next time. Promise!

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