Friday, 4 March 2016

A Very Quiet Day

I was all alone for a while today as both my humans had to go away to Kirkwall but before they left, we had a family conference about what we would do with the window and when my MH opened it my living room got all cold, so I made the decision and just went back to bed and the window was closed.

They weren't away too long but when they comed home to me they were very cold, so I did to my MH what she does to me when I come in---I gave her a big cuddle and she warmed up ---just like that! I gave my DH a big purr and that helped him too and then I nipped outside for a minute or two but it was very cold, so I didn't stay out long. Besides,I had a lot of cuddles to catch up on so I sat on the old dear's knee and she told me all the things they had done and I was very happy again.

We have a new big boat on loan to take people from Orkney to Scotland and I thought you might like to see it. Our usual boat is away for something called a refit but I have no idea what that is and since I have no intention of ever going on the boat, I don't really care.

Do you know WHY I have no intention of going on it? 'Cos they make pussy cats and doggies go in CAGES! It is bad enough going in my cage when I have to go to the v-e-t but I am definitely not spending two hours on a boat in a cage and that's a fact!

Normally I am a very easy going little puss, but there are times when I do put my paws down, and that is one of them! And this puss is not for turning!!

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