Monday, 21 March 2016

All Alone Was I

Well, as I told you, we were all up very early this morning as my humans were going to Kirkwall on the first boat and that leaves my little island early---well, earlier than my humans are used to getting up!

It was a wee bit wet and a bigger bit cold and when my MH suggested I went out before they left, I got as far as my door and then scooted right back into my living room again. I was NOT going out in that!

So, off they went and yours truly nipped back into my little bed and that's where I stayed until they came home. Well, that's what my MH thinks I did and of course I can't tell her what I really did. I have had lots of cuddles since they came home and I am now curled up in my MH's knee as she is trying to write this to you and for some reason, she is making an awful lot of mistakes!

She reckons it has something to do with an adorable little puss parked on her knee but, as usual, she doesn't mind 'cos she loves me MILLIONS!


  1. Your title sounds like the title of a song.
    'All alone was I, and I mewed a sigh,
    'cause my humans were going away.
    But with a little grin, I nipped back in,
    To sleep, perchance to play.'
    Well, maybe not. :)

  2. Oh I like that Bonnie. My MH singd it to me and she liked it too. We both had a wee giggle. Thank you very much.