Thursday, 10 March 2016

Another Good Day

I am enjoying my days 'cos although it is cold, it still feels as though Spring might not be too far away and I am able to get out to play more and more so that makes me happy.

Both my humans were at home with me all day and that is just how I like it and even though the old dear was doing a lot of housework, I was still happy just watching her and listening as she told me everything she was doing especially when she promised that the rest of the weekend is all MINE!

I went into my garden for a long explore and had a wee look at some of the birdies that were at my feeder and I noticed that one wee birdie was sitting right inside the feed box having a wee snooze and then, when she wakened up, she had a wee feed and then flied away again and that made me happy.

By the time I got home again, my MH had finished using all her polishes and dusters and she was sitting on my couch just waiting for me to sit beside her and of course I did just that! We had a lovely quiet time before she asked if I wanted to go into the gym with her and I did, but this time I was careful not to go on the treadmill 'cos it goes far too fast for these adorable little feets. I just sat and watched her till she was finished and then we had a wander round my garden again, but by this time it was getting too cold to be out so we nipped into my living room and cosied up on my couch again.

But it has been a very good day and I hope your day has been a good one too.

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  1. Would you believe we had rain,freezing rain and snow last night and this morning? I guess we shall wait a bit longer for spring