Thursday, 31 March 2016


I think my little weather man friend must like me lots, 'cos he has been sending me some good weather which makes me want to go out play. It isn't as warm as I would like, but if I run around then I don't feel the cold too much, but oh, I am liking this lots and lots.

There are lots of little birdies coming back to see me, but the pesky swallows aren't here, so I am getting peace when I sit on my path and that's just what I did today. My humans were busy 'cos the old dear 'asked' my DH to help her shift some furniture in the living room so that she could vacuum all the corners, so I took my adorable little self out into my garden and enjoyed the peace and quiet.

It was good fun and by the time I had had enough, my humans were finished and my MH was having a rest on her couch, so you all know what I did, don't you? Yep, with one of my world famous leaps, I was on the old dear's knee and she was stroking my little lugs and I was just the happiest little puss in the en-tire world!

I have been spending all my evenings on my MH's knee while she works on her lap top and I am so very comfortable. I snuggle in beside her and when she is typing, she also tickles my lugs and every now and then she strokes me and tells me she loves me. I sleep there until it is time for her to go and get her shower and then I nip out to play, but I just love it---and I know she does too!

Oh yes, life is brilliant.

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