Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Ho Hum

My DH was supposed to be going into Kirkwall today to do some shopping for himself, but when he wakened up he could hear the rain outside and he decided just to stay in his little bed for a wee while longer and then stay at home with me and the old dear. And I can't say I blame him. It has not been a very nice day and yours truly has been having quite a few snoozes too, although not just as many as yesterday.

I am a lot brighter today and have had a couple of trips outside---AND---I haven't been as hungry which is maybe just as well 'cos my MH told me if I kept on eating the way I did yesterday, then I might get stuck in my fence the next time I tried to jump through it!

Oh, my dear friends, can you imagine the embarrassment of it all if that happened. There I would be with half of me in my garden and the other half out and the middle if me stuck in the fence. Can you picture the look on the faces of all the sheeps? I think they would all be laughing at me. So, I have decided to watch what I am doing with this adorable little body and I shall keep it as perfect as I possibly can. It might even mean a trip to the gym with my MH and while she is on her bike, I could be on her treadmill. A good idea, don't you think?

Remember I told you that I hoped to get out last night before bedtime? Well, I managed it three times and only once did I get so wet I was almost dripping and it took my DH a lot of rubbing to make me dry again when I went home. But he managed it. Good old DH!

As it is still raining, I think he might have to do it all again tonight. Ah well, it makes him feel needed. Sure it does?

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