Tuesday, 15 March 2016

More of the Same

Which means lots of cuddles and lots of outside playtimes and I don't need to tell you how happy that has made me. Both my humans had lots of time for me and I had a particularly good time helping my MH to do her ironing and I am sure you will want to hear all about it.

We have a utility room in my house and that is where the old dear likes to do her ironing and while she is working, I like to stand up beside the sink especially if there is a wee drop of water in the basin. I stood and looked into the basin and that told her that I wanted some water and she duly obliged, but then she put a wee leaf in it and that gave me lots and lots of fun as I tickled it with my little paw. I played with that little leaf for ages and ages. I tickled it and then I killed it and then I reesu--resussy--- brought it back to life again (Well, I am just a puss and I can't spell great big words yet!) I did this over and over until me and the little leaf were tired and my MH was finished her ironing but she told me that I had made the time go past very quickly for her and that made me very happy.

My DH had lots to do outside so every now and then I would wander over to where he was and he told me what he was doing and I just sat there and watched him and some of my birdie friends came and sat on the fence and watched us. There are lots more birdies coming to our feeder now and I like sitting on my window sill watching them having their dinner.

I went into the gym with my MH but once she was on her bike and had her music plugged into her lugs, I went out to play and just managed to get back in time to play the game with her headphones as she was putting them back into their little case. I love that game and it always makes her laugh.

I am now having a snooze in my wee hoose. I am a wee bit tired 'cos I have had a very busy day, but it has been another brilliant day and I hope you day has been just as brilliant too!

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