Thursday, 24 March 2016

More of the Same

My life might not be very exciting but it is a good one and there are lots of days which are just the same, but I am very happy with all the sameness, and today was one of those 'same' days.

We were all at home and my humans were both quite busy with bits of housework, so I just took myself off to one of my favourite resting places until they were finished, but as usual, my MH kept coming to find me and give me a wee cuddle while she played with my adorable little lugs, so I wasn't really on my own.

When she finishes her housework, the old dear is usually a wee bit tired and has to have a seat on my couch, so as soon as I hear all the polishes and dusters going back into their cupboard, I know it is time to find a knee and have a rest with her. That is our normal routine and it is a super one.

In the afternoon, I discovered that I was a wee bit energetic and as it was too cold to go out to play, I asked my MH to please play with me and she did just that,and we played on my carpet with all my toys until all my energy was used up and then I left her and crawled into my wee hoose for a snooze before my dinner.

So, that is my kind of day that I have lots and lots of times, and although it is not wildly exciting, it suits me fine and makes me happy, so I hope I will keep having days like this.

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