Thursday, 3 March 2016

Much Livlier

I have been very full of beans today, but not the beans that you eat. No, the beans that make you jump up and down and have good fun. A question. How do I get full of these beans if I don't eat them?

Anyway, no matter how I got them, they were there and they have made me have a very good day. The weather has been much brighter and so I have been able to get out to play a lot of times. I even had quite a few jumps through my fence to make sure that all my dinners are not making me too fat to do that, but I don't need to worry 'cos there is still plenty of room for me to get through, so I am happy.

I had lots of runs round my garden but the grass is still very damp so my adorable little feets were very wet when I went back inside and my MH noticed that when I plonked myself on her knee! I had a long seat on her knee this afternoon which I liked and she told me she could hear me snoring and she said it was so cute it made her smile.

I went into the gym with her and did a wee bit of sniffing there until she was finished and then when we went outside, she tooked some pictures of my little island for you and I hope you like them.

My humans have to go into Kirkwall tomorrow so I will be left on my own. I am just hoping that the weather will be good enough for them to leave the window open for me to nip in and out if I feel like it.

I shall let you know tomorrow.

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