Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Quiet Tuesday

I have been on my own today 'cos my humans had to go away over to Stromness, but as usual, I was fine because I had been able to get out for a wee while before they left me, but it was so cold that I was only too happy to get back into my house where it was lovely and warm.

I had lots of decisions to make. Like, should I sleep on my bed or on my couch or should I wander round my house looking for a little bit of sunshine which was coming through my window? I think I must have been wondering so hard that I made my adorable little self very tired 'cos the next thing I knew was that my MH was standing in my kitchen and calling my name! And I was sound asleep. Oops!

Yesterday, I nearly caused an accident 'cos the old dear was cleaning the bathroom and I decided to go and see her, but then I noticed a little ray of sunshine right across the carpet outside the bathroom door, so I lay down to have a wee sun bathe and when the poor old soul was finished she comed out of the bathroom and nearly falled over me. But luckily she noticed me and didn't stand on me.

And I for one was very happy about that!


  1. Hi Squeak.I have to read about your sun snooze on my phone because my laptop is sick.

  2. Aw, that is a great big shame. I hope it gets better soon. When I am feeling a wee bit not too well, my MH gives me a cuddle and I feel lots better. Maybe it would work with your computer? I hope you are well, though.