Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Shocked Squeak

When I wakened up this morning I was in a very good mood, but I am afraid it disappeared right after my breakfast. Now, I know you will be wondering what could upset this adorable, easy-going little puss, and of course I shall tell you.

When my DH was getting ready to go to the Cat shop, I made a simple request. I asked if I could go with him 'cos I have heard my humans talking about the pussy cat in the shop called Moxie and I thought I would like to meet him and introduce myself, but the old boy said 'No'. Well, I was stunned! I cannot remember when I was last refused a request and I did not like it one little bit.

My MH said that there are two spellings of 'request'. When they ask for something, it is r-e-q-u-e-s-t, but she said when I ask, the spelling is
d-e-m-a-n-d! That did make me chuckle and I forgot to be annoyed at my DH, but then he explained that I would have to stay inside the shop all day 'cos it is right on the busy road and since I am not used to lots of traffic I might get hurt. My humans told me that they wanted to keep me safe 'cos they love me millions, so I would be much safer at home with my MH. I had a wee think and decided that maybe they were right after all, so I stopped sulking.

My day did get a lot better 'cos I helped my MH do some baking and the weather was so good that she left the door open all the time she was working which meant that I could lie on my path in the sunshine and watch her, so I was back to being a very happy little Squeak again.

No more sulking 'cos I don't look my best when I am sulking!

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