Sunday, 6 March 2016

Sleepy Sunday

Well, it was a bit sleepy early on but I did go out to play for a while and managed to have a good old hunt before the snowy shower came on. Every time I have gone out I come back in all speckled with little bits of snow and my MH said I was like a dalmation pussy cat and she said that would make me unique if I wasn't already unique, 'cos she said there isn't another pussy cat like me so that made me very pleased and I puffed out my adorable little chest.

I had to keep my DH company for a while this afternoon when my MH and her friend went to the graveyard and she was so very cold when she comed back to us that I had to give her a ginormous cuddle to warm her up again.

We then settled down on my couch to watch the tennis and it was a brilliant match but I think my MH has chewed all her fingers 'cos it was very exciting and there were lots of 'Oh Andy' coming from my humans and I just had to close my eyes. I wasn't sleeping, you understand, I just wasn't looking!

There was a big birdie at our feeder this morning and that's what today's pictures are. I sat on the window sill while he had a wee feed and then when he was all full up, he flied away and all the littler birds came for their dinner and I watched them too.

I like helping to feed the little birdies and because I know they are hungry, I don't chase them away. I think I am just the perfectest puss ever!

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