Thursday, 17 March 2016

Still Good

My little weather man friend said that today was the warmest day so far and I have liked it lots. It meant that I could stay outside just as long as I wanted to. I could even lie on my grass or my path without getting wet and with all the little birdies around my house, I have had lots of company. But that's not the bestest bit 'cos that bit was when my humans came outside to be with me and that made me oh so happy. With all the good weather, they have lots to do outside and so I can just wander about watching them and helping them and I just love that.

I heard my MH tell the old boy that if it is good tomorrow, then she is going to prune some of the honeysuckle bush, so that means she will be outside again with me. I am going to ask her to take her camera so that I can pose for some more action shots to show you what an acrobatic little puss I am.

I have been outside nearly all day and I am so tired now that I am having a little snooze in my wee hoose, but I have told the Boss what to tell you so that I can gather up more energy for my nocturnal perambulations before bedtime.

I have decided that I am spring and summer time puss. I don't really mind the autumn if the wind isn't too naughty, but I am not very happy in the winter except if it is snowing but it hasn't snowed very much at all since I have been borned. My favourite weather is the hot sunshine when I can lie on the grass or on my path and just watch the world go by.

I will have to ask my little weather man friend if I am going to have a warm summer this year, but all my adorable little paws are crossed. I will let you know what he tells me.

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