Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Still Very Quiet

I am very well and I am very happy, but I am not doing very much at all especially through the day times, but I do brighten up at night times, much to the annoyance of my humans 'cos sometimes I stay out very late when my DH wants to get to his bed.Oops!

Anyway, today was a normal Wednesday Chez Squeak and my DH sailed away to the Cat Shop and me and the old dear settled down on my couch for one of our girlie chats which I just love. She told me she was going to change all the bedding again and of course I leapt at the chance to help her. I leapt onto the beds. I leapt into the duvet covers and I leapt into the pillow slips while she was trying to stuff the pillows into them. Oh, my dear friends I had a brilliant time and I think my MH liked it too 'cos she laughed a lot. When she was finished, I just settled down on my bed and had a wee snooze 'cos all the excitement had made me a bit sleepy. And I had a nice clean bed!

Later in the afternoon while my MH was playing on her Wii, I went into the garden but just for a little while. It was too cold to stay out so I just went home again and sat on my couch while my MH stroked my adorable little lugs and I purred very loudly to tell her I liked it.

I got a bit of a surprise just before dinner time 'cos one of the little childrens came to my house so that my MH could show her how to play her guitar. It was quite good so I didn't have to disappear which was good 'cos it had got very wet outside and I have decided that if I have to get wet, then it shall be when I go out at night time.

That is still my very special time and I don't mind getting rained 'cos I love being out in the dark especially when I know that as soon as it all gets too much for me, I can shoot home as fast as these adorable little paws can carry me and after a wee feed and a wee drink I can snuggle up beside my MH till morning.

Oh yes. Life is quiet but it is very, very good!

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