Saturday, 30 April 2016

Another Super Day

I am happy. I am a very happy little Squeak 'cos I have been able to get outside all day and both my humans have been out with me at one time and another and you all know how happy that makes me. It is still a bit cool, but the sun was shining and there was no wind or rain, so I liked it lots.

I wandered to the edge of the field where all the little baby sheeps are, but I didn't go in 'cos some are still being borned and the mummy sheeps don't like me to bother them, so I just sat there and watched and some of the bigger new babies---if you know what I mean?-- are beginning to run round and that made me smile 'cos they are just so lovely. I would like one for my very own self but it's not going to happen, so I shall just content myself with watching them. This picture shows some of them and the mummy sheeps in the field opposite my house.

The other pictures are to show you how good my new cut grass is. Me and my humans think it is lovely and I have had great fun rolling on it today and that made my MH smile. The picture of the hills is the Hoy hills when you look to the west of my house and if I had a magic carpet and pointed it that way, I could go and see my friend B. who lives in Canada. Now, wouldn't that be exciting?

The other thing that is making me a very happy puss is that the days are getting longer and longer which means I can get out to play until it is really late. Unless of course, the old boy needs to get to his little bed and then I am kind of scuppered, but soon he will be able to leave the window open for me and I think this might be the year I stay out all night! Just one night, you understand, and just to see what it would be like.

Yes. I think I am growed up enough for that.

Friday, 29 April 2016

A Super Day

I have had a very good day. A very good day indeed spoiled only by the dreaded lawn mower again. Remember I told you that my DH checked the mower for my MH and she played with it for a while yesterday? Well, she thought it was such a lovely day today that she would finish off the rest of the garden, so as soon as her breakfast was finished and I had my little drop of milk, she was off, out into my garden and the peace and quiet on my little island was shattered shattered!

Fortunately it didn't take her too long and soon it was all finished and lovely and quiet again. I will tell you a little secret. I actually love when my grass is newly cut 'cos it is brilliant to roll on and that's what I did as soon as she put the mower away. It is just the cutting of it that I don't like.

When she had finished, me and my MH stayed in my garden for a wee while and I got a great big surprise. I saw a brand new baby sheep being borned. Right in front of my eyes. I did try to be very nonchalant about it, but it was a wee bit messy and I'm afraid it made me feel a wee bit woozy but when my MH saw my adorable little eyes sort of glazing over, she lifted me up and cuddled me all better again.

It is a beautiful little lamb though, and I will be nipping into the field tonight to have a wee word with her---if the mummy sheep lets me, of course. There are lots of mummies-in-waiting in my field, so I know there will be plenty more little lambs to play with soon, and maybe if I see more being borned, I will get used to it.

After all, I am a pussy cat of the world, and not a baby any more!

Thursday, 28 April 2016

A Mixed Lot

I have been up and down a bit today, but mainly up and just down for a little bit and naturally I shall explain.

As you know, it is my habit to have a wander round my hunting grounds late at night before I snuggle up beside my MH for a good night's sleep, but last night I didn't get to do that 'cos my DH, who normally stays up late, decided to go to bed early and I was shut in. Shut in and not happy! I wandered into the bedroom just as he was snuggling down and my look said 'excuse me, but what about me?' and he said 'sorry, puss, but I am tired'--and he switched off the light! I was not happy I can tell you and I wandered in and out of the room huffing and puffing and switshing my tail, but no use. Nether of them was budging, so I was forced to settle down and have a sleep as well. Sigh.

My mood was much better when I got up 'cos it was a lovely day here on my little island. Nice and bright. Calm but cold, but definitely a Squeak day, so I was off out as soon as I gobbled up my breakfast and my wee drop of milk and I had a lovely day. And I saw some of my little birdie friends as well.

The old dear was doing her housework, but she came outside lots of times to see what I was doing and I always ran to her to get a wee tickle. She decided to wash the outsides of our windows so I helped her with that too, but then my DH spoiled the day by taking out the lawn mower to make sure it was working OK for when my MH wanted it, and I suppose you know what happened then? Yep. She decided to try it for herself and cut some of my grass, and I was not happy at all. Sigh number two!

Then I got a big surprise when the nice lady farmer next door put her sheeps back into the field at the front of my house and that means that I will have some company when I go out again later on tonight. My MH says they are Jacobs sheeps, but I know that is wrong 'cos they are the nice farmer lady's and she is definitely NOT called Jacob!

I would tell the old dear that she is wrong, but she might have a tantrum and that is not a good sight at all and to be honest, I am just not strong enough to cope with that today. Hee hee. So I shall just let her think that. OK?

Does this picture of yours truly not melt your heart? Sigh number three. :-))

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

A Much Better Day

I am much happier today 'cos the weather has been a lot more to my liking. My DH went away to the Cat Shop and me and my MH settled down for a long chat and a wee drop of milk for me. I just love that wee drink in the morning. It sets me up for the day.

We both had an easy day but I was able to get outside for as long as I wanted without getting rained on or blowed away or frozed so that made me very happy indeed. I spent lots of time outside and watched all the birdies and I got quite excited when my two geese birdy friends came back to the field so I just lay on my path and watched them I am hoping that my MH might take a picture of them for you. They are lovely, but they are BIG!

Later on in the day I was lying on the back of my couch having a lovely dream when the old dear asked me if I wanted to go into the gym with her. So, I gave it some serious consideration and decided that it would be very good of me to accompany her, so we both went into her little gym. I sat on my chair for a while and watched on her treadmill, but then I got bored and took my adorable little self out into the garden to see what I could hunt or play with and I stayed out until her little legs had done all their cycling and running and then she played on the grass with me and I liked that lots.

My wonderful day took a slight dip about half past four when all the little childrens came to my house with their guitars and I quickly disappeared under my couch, but the noise was still there! Oh dear. They are getting better, but oh what a noise they make. I was very glad when my DH tooked them all home in my MH's little kangaroo and suddenly my house was all lovely and quiet again.

Just the way I like it!

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Good News and Bad News

There was good news for me and bad news for my humans, and I am very sorry, but I was happy when I realised it. When we wakened up, the wind was still shouting at us, although a wee bit quieter that it was yesterday, but it made the sea all bumpy and that made the boat all bouncy at the pier and it was too hard for my MH to get on, so they decided to stay at home with me, and although I was a wee bit sad that they didn't get to do what they wanted, I was very happy not to be left all on my own.

It has been a awful day with wind and snow and hail and I decided to hibernate again but I did get some exercise walking from bed to bed in between big sleeps. My MH went into her wee gym, but I stayed indoors and waited for her to come back again and we sat and had a chat for a while. Then I noticed something. The wind had stopped and there was a tiny, tiny blink of sunshine. Oh yippee!

As quick as a flash, I was outside sniffing the air and rolling on my path and having a super duper time. I love my house and I adore my humans, but oh, I am such a happy little Squeak when I am out in my fields listening to the birdies and watching the little sheeps and that's what I was able to do today for the first time in ages and ages and I loved it. I stayed out so long, the old dear was getting worried about me but just as she was about to phone the cat police, I jumped in through the window and politely asked her to feed me, which made her happy---and me filled up!

So, you can see I have had a better day than my humans and my little weather man friend told me that the wind won't be back for a while so it looks as though I will be a happy puss again tomorrow.

I hope you have had a happy day too.

Monday, 25 April 2016


.... I thought yesterday was bad, I definitely wasn't ready for today. The wind shouted at us all night and when we got up this morning it was even worse and there was snow on my path. All I wanted to do was curl up again and go back to sleep, but I decided that could wait till later and I did what I normally do of a morning and that was to sit on my MH's knee till I got my little drop of milk and then I gathered up every single bit of intrepidness that I could find, and I went out the window and into winter! My DH opened the window for me and had to hang on to it so that it didn't blow away, but he is strong and it didn't.

I didn't stay out too long but by the time I did get back inside, I was frozen. Not quite frozen stiff, but very cold and I had to have a very long cuddle before I was warmed up again. It was then that I made a big decision and went back to bed and apart from getting up every now and then for a wee feed, that's where I have been all day.

I got a bit of a fright at lunch time when I wakened up to hear people shouting in my house but when I went to investigate I found out it was my MH listening to the television and because the hail was battering off our windows and on our roof, she had to turn it up louder that I have ever heard it before. Thankfully, the shower didn't last too long and she turned it down again so that I could get back to sleep.

When my DH came home tonight, he told us that he nearly didn't go to the Cat Shop 'cos when he got to the pier and saw the boat coming in, there was a great big snow shower and the wind was making the little boat bounce up and down, but he tooked some of my intrepidness and managed to get on. There is a new boat coming to my island for the next few weeks 'cos our normal one is away to get a wee examination and nobody likes this one.

My humans have to go away to Stromness tomorrow to meet one of their friends, but my MH says if it is still windy she might not go 'cos she finds it quite hard to get on and off this one especially if the wind is making it a bit bouncy, so we'll see what happens.

I shall tell you tomorrow.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

A Sleepy Sunday

As you know, I like Sundays 'cos they are very lazy days in my house and I wasn't even annoyed when the weather still wasn't very good, because I was just in the mood for lazing around rather that going outside and I had a very good excuse when it was a wee bit wet and a big bit windy.

I spent a lot of time on my MH's knee and then I had a snooze on my bed and a couple of chairs, so I am very well rested. My MH went away down to the beaches with my friend S. and some of the little childrens to collect any rubbish that was lying about and when she comed home again she was cold, but I gave her a big cuddle and that warmed her up again.

I sat on her knee for a while and she told me all the things they had been doing and I listened very carefully until I fell asleep again 'cos she was stroking my adorable little lugs and that always makes me sleepy. I just love it.

I will go outside later on but I think it might still be too cold for me to stay out for long, but I need that last wee trip out to help me sleep. And then I snuggle up beside my MH and we both have a very good snooze.

Saturday, 23 April 2016


.... it hasn't bee the bestest of days for weather so me and my humans have been inside my house all day. My DH was the only one to go out and he just did that 'cos the birdies needed some dinner, but me and the old dear stayed in the warm and dry.

Although I was a tad annoyed that it was cold and even snowing at one time, I was happy 'cos my MH told me that if it had been a good day, she was going to the beach with my friend S. and some of the little childrens to clean it up 'cos this is 'Bag the Bruck' weekend in Orkney where lots of peoples go on the beaches and pick up all the bits of rubbish and then put them in bags for the rubbish place, but it was too cold for them so my MH stayed with me. She might go tomorrow if it is warmer and not snowing.

There are some baby lambs being borned and I feel so sorry for them when they get snowed on, but there is nothing I can do 'cos there are too many of them to come into my house. I did ask one year, but the humans said no, and I knew by the way they said it to me that there was no point in arguing. Not even my saddest face worked, so I don't try any more. And to be honest, I have seen what they have left lying in the field and I wouldn't like THAT on my carpet! Hee hee

But apart from that, I have had a very good day and a very lazy day, but I shall probably venture out later on to see what is happening on my little island, although I have a feeling it will be a very quick run round and then back indoors to get warmed up again.

I don't like being cold. I was made to be a warm puss and that's what I intend to be, thank you very much!

Friday, 22 April 2016

Happy HAPPY Me!

Another crackin' day for yours truly. To start off, it is Friday and that means both my humans are at home with me and there is very little housework done in my house, so all their time is just for me. And, to make it even more exciting, it is STRING day! Oh yippee!

I saw this little oyster catcher in the field and I thought you might like to see him. Fortunately, he wasn't making a noise!

So, I started my day off the same way as usual. I ran to my window as soon as I wakened up and saw that the sun was shining, so I knew I would be going out to play and as soon as my plate was emptied, I was outside in a flash, but not too far away you understand so that I could hear when my MH was finishing her breakfast and then it was time to nip in again for my little drink of milk. Now I suppose you are wondering how I can tell when the old dear is nearly finished? Well, the spoon makes a different sound on the bottom of the bowl, so I know there is just a wee drop of cereal left and that is my signal to plonk myself on her knee and gaze adoringly at her. It works every time!

After that, we both spent some time outside 'cos she was hanging out her washing and I was having fun climbing the poles and killing blades of grass so I had a brilliant time. Then we went into the gym and I played outside while she was walking and it was while I was playing that I saw my DH coming back from the pier with our boxes and I knew it was playtime with the string, so I flew inside and waited patiently for him to get all the string off the box and then they both emptied out all the things and you can see what I did.

I love going inside empty boxes and empty cases and poly bags and I even like drawers even though they might not be empty, Anyway, I am digressing. I played in the box for a while and then my DH started playing with me and the string and I had the bestest fun ever.

Oh, I am just a happy, happy Squeak. I hope you are happy too.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Happy Me

Our weather is still quite good so I have been enjoying the big outdoors just hunting and sniffing and even just sitting there watching the world go by, so that has made me one contented little puss.

I played for a while in my garden with my MH when she had finished in her little gym and that was great. She enjoyed it as much as me and we both needed a wee rest when we went back inside. It was then that I heard some good news. My friend J. sent my MH a link to a pussy cat competition and this time it is for pictures of sleeping pusscats and the old dear thinks she might enter, so it means a bit of hard work on my part 'cos I have to practice sleeping in adorable positions!

If you don't hear from me for a day or two, don't worry 'cos I will just be sleeping! Hee hee

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

More Good Fun

I have had a purr-fect day. A day when I have been able to play outside as much as I want and then, when I was a bit tired, I could go inside for a rest or a seat on my MH's knee, so what more could a pussy cat want?

Me and the old dear had our usual chat while my DH was getting ready to go to the Cat Shop and I was patiently waiting for my little drop of milk and she told me we were having an easy day 'cos she didn't feel like doing very much at all and the sun was shining. A good enough reason, I think.

I nipped out to my seat where I was yesterday and waited for the goose birdies to come back, but they just flied past my garden and went some place else, so it was a bit lonely, but I was still happy. My MH was doing some baking so I could hear her in my kitchen and that made me feel pleased.

I spent the afternoon just nipping in and out and enjoying the sunshine and listening to the birdies, but after my dinner, I settled down on my chair and that's where I will be spending the most of my evening until it is time to go outside again.

I have been making my humans laugh with all my little habits and my latest one is that as soon as my MH heads for her shower, I head for the door to go out to play and that makes my DH shake his head.

It happens every time and when he tells my MH, she just smiles and says 'Some puss'! And that is DEFINITELY me!

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Much Better

It has been a much better day and I have been a much happier little puss. You know that I love being inside with my humans, but I am an outdoor puss and I just love being able to go outside as often as I like, and that's what I have been able to do today.

I gobbled up my breakfast and then nipped out of the window but just until my MH was almost finished hers and then I got the last wee drop of milk and I was off again. I didn't do very much. I was just so happy to be out and my MH noticed me sitting on one of our benches and she tooked this picture for you from the bedroom as she thought you might like it.

I sat there for nearly the whole morning and at one time I saw these two big birdies in the field and I looked at them for a long time. I like them. My MH says they are geese and there are a lot of them on my island but only those two in the field where the sheeps usually are.

I had a very good day and I even went into the gym with the old dear and then we played on the grass when she was finished on her bike and her walking thingy so that made me very happy. I am now snoozing. My adorable little tummy is filled right up to the top so I need to sleep for a while, but as soon as I am ready, I shall be outside again until it is bedtime and I shall send a great big thank you to my little weather man friend for sending me some good weather at last.

And please, sir, can I have some more? Hee Hee

Monday, 18 April 2016

What a Day

It has been like winter on my little island with lots of rain and a very naughty wind that blew me all over the place when I went out, so I only went out when I really, really had to but thankfully I didn't have to very often.

It was cleaning day in my house as usual so I spent lots of time on top of the beds, but I did get a few cuddles from my MH whenever she took a wee break and that made me happy. She didn't need to go out today 'cos my friend S. is back home again, so her little puss will be very happy.

My DH had a good day at the Cat Shop but he was late home 'cos he was very busy so me and my MH had a long day together. The wind is getting blowier so until it quietens down a bit, I am staying all curled up on my chair in the living room. My little weather man friend says it will be better tomorrow so maybe I will get out to play a bit more which would be good.

I am very happy indoors, especially if there is a human or two with me, but I am very happy when I can get outside as I have a lot of hunting and exploring to do, so all my little paws are crossed for good weather tomorrow, please.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Sleepy Sunday

I have decided that Sunday will be my day of rest and I have started practicing today. This might have something to do with the fact that it is very cold on my little island and it has been a wee bit too windy for me, so I decided I would just spend the day sleeping.

However, this does not mean that I haven't moved. Oh no, I have moved from room to room and bed to bed just so that I can have a little bit of exercise! I must look after my adorable little self, mustn't I?

Me and my humans watched the football this morning and I'm afraid my DH wasn't a happy chappie when they had finished their game 'cos his team lost. Oh dear. After that, my MH went away out 'cos she had to go to see my pussy cat friend and then she had another job to do outside and I'm afraid that when she was out, the rain came on and the wind blew a wee bit hard so by the time she came home again to me, she was wet and cold. Shame.

But you all know what happened then, don't you? Yep. I cuddled her all warm again like she does for me when I have been wet and cold, and she liked it lots. Then we watched Raffa winning his tennis match and he smiled right at me and I got so excited and came over all unnecessary that I nearly falled off my MH's knee, but she catched me in mid-swoon. Sigh. Oh, he is lovely.

So, this sleepy Sunday has worked for me and I think I will be doing that until the weather gets a bit warmer and then I shall have a re-think, but till then I am off to bed again.

Night, night!

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Saturday Again

I like Saturdays. I 'specially like Saturdays when my humans are at home with me and when the weather is good, but today there was only one of those two 'cos my weather wasn't very good and certainly not what I wanted.It was cold and showery, but I managed to avoid the worst showers and only got a wee bit wet, and of course, you all know what happened when I went home, don't you? Yep, my MH felt so sorry for me that she cuddled me lots. And she wondered why I kept wanting to go out!! Sometimes she is a bit slow. Shame.

We all had a very lazy day, but we still had lots of fun with me helping my humans whenever they needed it. The only time I said 'no' was when my MH asked me to go into the gym with her, but I had just come home and I needed a wee rest so I let her go on her own, but I was ready to give her a big purr when she comed home to me again.

There have been some birdies at my feeder and my MH tooked a couple of pictures for you. One of them is of the birdie itself and there is one of me watching it. It is a nice birdie and it comes to see me lots of times and sometimes he brings some friends and I like that.

Me and my MH watched Andy and Raffa playing tennis and while we were sad when Andy lost, we were happy that Raffa won. I love Raffa and he makes my four adorable wee knees go funny when he smiles at me through my television. Sorry, Andy.

I hope you are all having a good weekend whatever you are doing.

Friday, 15 April 2016

What a day

It has been summer and winter all day today and I have been caught in it every time. This morning was lovely so I nipped outside and had a slow leisurely stroll across my fields listening to the little birds and sniffing the air and I was very contented.

Both my humans went out at lunch time 'cos my DH had to go to the pier and my MH was going to say hello to the other little pussy cat, so I just sat in my garden and waited till they came home to me and then I played with the string off the boxes and it was great fun.

Me and my MH played hide and Squeak in the afternoon and then I decided to go out play again and although it was a bit cold, I thought it would be fine, but oh dear me, I was wrong. So, so wrong! It snowed! real, cold, wet snow and I was stuck outside! Oh dear. I was too far away to run home without getting covered in it, so I had to try and find a wee bit of shelter until it went off again and then I ran as fast as these four adorable little paws could take me, back to my window sill and then I hammered on the window until the old dear let me in again. Phew.

But do you know something, my dear friends? I was almost worth it 'cos when I got inside,my MH felt so sorry for me that she dried me and then gave me a great big cuddle to warm me up again and I liked it millions!

Thankfully, the snow has gone off again bit it is still very cold and a bit breezy, so I am now sitting beside my MH with my head on her keyboard and that's where I intend to stay for as long as I feel like it.

Maybe getting caught in the snow isn't so bad after all!

Thursday, 14 April 2016

No News

I have been very fine today and I have had a good day, but nothing very exciting has happened so I don't have very much news for you, I'm afraid. We were all at home together and the weather was good enough for me to get out to play while the Boss was running round my house with the vacuum cleaner, the polishes and the duster, but me and my DH managed to escape to the greenhouse.

He is getting it all ready for our tomatoes and he has some wee flowers growing there. He has a big planter outside my kitchen window, and when the little flowers are ready he pops them in there. I'm afraid I was a bit naughty last year 'cos I used the planter for something else, and I am sure you can work out what I did there! Well, the soil WAS lovely and soft on that part of my anatomy! Hee hee So, this year he has put some wire netting over the top and he thinks it might keep me out, but me thinks something different and I shall let you know which one of us is the winner.

In the afternoon, when my MH was all finished, I asked her to play with me and we had really good fun. I just love when she plays with me and she knows all my favourite games so we always have great fun. She went away out for a while but I just sat in my garden until she came home again and then I ran and rolled on my path so that she could tickle me.

So, although I haven't done anything very exciting, I have done all the things I love doing, so I couldn't ask for anything more, could I? I hope you are doing all the things you like too.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Just Another Day

...but a good day for me and my humans. The weather has been quite good although still a wee bit cold for me, but it hasn't stopped me from being outside as often as I wanted to be.

As usual my DH was at the Cat Shop and my MH asked me if I would help her when she was changing the beds again. Well, she didn't exactly ask, but I knew she wanted my help and so I was there in a flash. Things were going very nicely and then for some unknown reason, I went from being 'a very good puss' to 'a little monkey' and all I did was help. I was lying on the duvet when she was trying to get the cover off, and she lifted me off the bed, but I decided I didn't want to be where she put me, so I jumped back again. Well, this happened maybe two or three times and on the third time, when she put me down, I lay down for a minute and she said I was a good puss, but as soon as her back was turned to get the clean cover, I was back on the bed again and that's when I suddenly became a little monkey. She was smiling when she said it, so I know she didn't mean it.

We did have lots of fun and by the time she was finished, I was so tired with all my 'helping' that I had to settle down and have a sleep, so the old dear nipped away down to see my pussy cat friend and make sure she wasn't too lonely, and when she comed home to me, she told me that everything was fine.

My day took a little dip in the afternoon when all the little childrens came to my house with their guitars. Oh dear, I know they have to learn, but why do they have to learn in my house?

My adorable little lugs are just beginning to recover although I must say the little childrens are not too bad at all, but oh, they are noisy! Not quiet like me. :-))

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

More Good Times

The weather has been better today so I have been outside lots of times just lying on my path listening to the little birdies. Both my humans have been at home with me and you all know that makes me very happy.

It didn't even bother me that the vacuum cleaner was out again. I think I am finally getting used to the old dear's routine and it is better when my DH is here 'cos he goes outside to avoid all the cleaning too, so I can sneak off with him!

My MH went away to my friend S.'s house to have a wee talk to her pussy cat while S. is on holiday, so I just lay on the carpet in my porch until she comed back again. That made my DH shake his head 'cos I wouldn't let him shut the door, but the weather was OK, so I just sat there until I saw the little kangaroo coming back home to me and then I got a great big cuddle---from my MH, not the kangaroo! Lovely!

We went into the gym for a while and then played on the grass so I was a very contented little Squeak and after a long run I decided I needed a snooze, so I went back inside, decided which room I would settle down in, and snuggled under one of my covers until it was feeding time.

I am now plonked on my MH's knee with my adorable little head on her lap top as she is writing this to you, but in a while I shall be heading outside again to see what is going on, and with every single day, there is more and more happening on my little island with little baby sheeps being made and more birdies coming for their holidays, so there is lots of things for me to do.


Monday, 11 April 2016

Back to Normal

So, it is Monday again and just us girls in my house as my DH went away to the Cat Shop. We sat for a while and had our breakfast and then we saw him away to the boat and I nipped out to see what was happening on my little island, and by the time I had nipped back in again, all the dusters and polishes and the vacuum cleaner were all waiting to be used. Sigh!

I sat with my MH for a little while hoping that she might forget she had some housework to do, but it didn't work, so I took myself off to bed and slept until it was all finished. It wasn't too bad, really, 'cos she came to see me lots of times and cuddled me, so it was fine.

In the afternoon, she had to go out for a while so I reminded her to take her camera and she tooked some more pictures for you. Spring time on my little island is a lovely time with all the flowers, lambs and little birdies and she showed me these pictures which I hope you will like.

There are some geese in the fields and they are really big birdies. I don't think they would be frightened of me. In fact, it might be the other way round! Then she saw these little lambs which are just beautiful. She told me that they were having a feed and while they were eating they wagged their little tails and that made my MH smile. I am looking forward to seeing them in my field soon, I hope. And then she thought you might like to see all the daffodils that grow at the side of the road and make my little island look lovely.

And finally--just in case you have forgotten what I look like, here is ME. All happy and adorable!

Sunday, 10 April 2016

And the last bit

It hasn't been a very good day for taking pictures, but my MH wanted you to finish the walk around my little island, so off she went in her little kangaroo and tooked these pictures for you.

This one is taken from Sandside beach and the house you can almost see right up on the top of the hill is mine. Sandside looks over to the north of our island and looks towards Stromness.

This building is the school but it isn't used for anything now since it closed in 1996 when the island got a new boat which came every day rather that just three days a week. My MH was the teacher there and she only had one pupil so it was decided that he could go to Stromness and my MH could retire, but she gets a bit sad when she sees her wee school looking like that.

The house you can almost see to the left of the school is the Schoolhouse and that is where my humans lived when they came here at first, but that was long before they got me, but one of the guitar childrens lives there now. The school at the house are at the opposite side of the island to my house and look over to the island of Hoy which is what this picture is, and that is looking towards the South.

When you continue round the road you come to the house where A. my friend---and baby sitter!---lives when he is not at university and then if you go right on round, you pass my friend M.'s house and then the next picture is my house and the farm belonging to my friend the nice farmer man who puts his sheeps in the fields for me to play with.

So, that's my little island. My MH says she will show you pictures of it when the sun is shining and tomorrow she will put on more important pictures for you. ME!! I hope you have enjoyed out little walk.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Squeak's Walk Part 2

I will show you another wee bit of my little island so that you will see why me and my humans just love being here.

When you come up from the pier, the first houses that you meet are the houses beside the lighthouse and Sandside which belongs to my friend S. We have two lighthouses--a tall one which is called Hoy High and a little one which is called Hoy Low. Now, why are they called that when they are on Graemsay? Well, it is because they used to guide the ships through Hoy Sound which is at one side of the island. See? The first picture is a view of Stromness from the back of Sandside and it looks really close, sure it does?

Right next to Sandside is the tall lighthouse and there are two families who live in what used to be the light keepers houses and some of the little childrens who come to my house for guitar lessons live there. And there is a doggy too, so I don't go there

The next three pictures are of some animals and birdies. The hens belong to my friend S. and they always come to say hello to my MH when she goes down there. There are some new borned baby lambs in one of the fields and they are just lovely. I am looking forward to seeing them when the nice farmer man next door puts his mummy sheeps in the field beside my house. I love watching them and sometimes I can play with them if the mummy sheeps don't mind. And the next picture is of some oyster catchers down on the beach. They are lovely birdies, but oh, what a noise they make. It gives me a headache when they start talking to one another. They are REALLY noisy!

And my last picture for you today is a view of Sandside and Hoy High taken from Sandside beach and sometimes there are lots of seals lying there and they have little baby seals two times a year so maybe I will be able to show you a picture of them sometime.

So those are some of the views as you come from the pier to come up to my house and my MH says that when the weather is better, she will take some more pictures and show you her wee school and where my humans used to live when she was the teacher.

I wasn't borned then so I will be interested too.

Friday, 8 April 2016

A Wee Walk

I have been promising to take you for a wee walk round my beloved little island for a while now, so here it is. It was such a lovely day today that my MH tooked her camera out for a while to take some pictures for you. I didn't get to go with her 'cos she is frightened that I get lost! Now I ask you! How could I get lost on a little island which is one mile wide and one and a half miles long and where everybody knows me---and loves me!? However, I didn't argue 'cos I was quite happy playing on my grass. So here is part one of Squeak's conducted tour.

She started off at the pier just before the boat with all our messages arrived, and this is the view from there across to Stromness. It isn't very far and it only takes the boat about fifteen minutes, so it is a good journey.

The next picture is of the pier itself and there are lots of bags of things that have to be shifted away to all the farms. Sometimes you can see little guillemots swimming there but they dive deep when they hear the boat coming. There are also tiny little fishes there and sometimes the little childrens go fishing to try and catch some fishes.

This is our little waiting room where everybody sits until the boat arrives. I have been in there a few times and one time when the V-E-T came to stick a ginormous needle into me, my humans tooked me there so that she could examine me and make sure I was absolutely purr-fect!

There are lots of birdies all over my island and these are the fulmars who nest on the rocks, but we have never to go near them 'cos they spit a horrible stuff on anybody who gets too near and the awful smell never goes away, so this is definitely one place I will NOT be going. Hee hee.

This last picture is the boat coming this afternoon bring all our boxes. It brings everything to my little island--- people, food, all kinds of parcels, cars, fridges, televisions, oh and cat food! Oh dear, I nearly forgot the most important thing, but you get the idea. It brings us everything we need and it takes us to Hoy or to Stromness if we want to go.

So, that's the first part of my little trip and although we haven't gone too far, it will let you see a wee bit of my island and there will be more later. I hope you like it.