Monday, 4 April 2016

A Lonely Day

Both my humans were away out today so I was left all alone. Sigh! It wasn't too bad, though 'cos the window was left open for me, but it wasn't a nice day. It was one of those days my MH calls 'dreich' when it is grey and misty with very fine rain which quickly soaks this adorable little body, so I stayed in for most of the day and just waited patiently for them to come home in the little kangaroo.

I love when they come home 'cos as soon as the door opens, my MH shouts my name and I go running to where she is, then she lifts me up and cuddles me and tells me she has missed me loads and I purr back that I have missed her too. And then it is playtime!

When she came out of the bathroom, I scooted into the bedroom which is her signal for playing with me and she knows the signs, so she played. She had a wee paper bag which she scrunched up and threw for me and I chased all over my bedroom at the speed of light chasing it, catching it and throwing it up into the air. Oh, my dear friends it was magic. It was almost worth being neglected all day hee hee!

We are all settled down now, but it is still a rotten night outside so I think if I do go out later on, it will just be for a wee while, but we'll see.

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  1. Playing with the paper bag sound like fun. Glad your day ended nicely.