Thursday, 28 April 2016

A Mixed Lot

I have been up and down a bit today, but mainly up and just down for a little bit and naturally I shall explain.

As you know, it is my habit to have a wander round my hunting grounds late at night before I snuggle up beside my MH for a good night's sleep, but last night I didn't get to do that 'cos my DH, who normally stays up late, decided to go to bed early and I was shut in. Shut in and not happy! I wandered into the bedroom just as he was snuggling down and my look said 'excuse me, but what about me?' and he said 'sorry, puss, but I am tired'--and he switched off the light! I was not happy I can tell you and I wandered in and out of the room huffing and puffing and switshing my tail, but no use. Nether of them was budging, so I was forced to settle down and have a sleep as well. Sigh.

My mood was much better when I got up 'cos it was a lovely day here on my little island. Nice and bright. Calm but cold, but definitely a Squeak day, so I was off out as soon as I gobbled up my breakfast and my wee drop of milk and I had a lovely day. And I saw some of my little birdie friends as well.

The old dear was doing her housework, but she came outside lots of times to see what I was doing and I always ran to her to get a wee tickle. She decided to wash the outsides of our windows so I helped her with that too, but then my DH spoiled the day by taking out the lawn mower to make sure it was working OK for when my MH wanted it, and I suppose you know what happened then? Yep. She decided to try it for herself and cut some of my grass, and I was not happy at all. Sigh number two!

Then I got a big surprise when the nice lady farmer next door put her sheeps back into the field at the front of my house and that means that I will have some company when I go out again later on tonight. My MH says they are Jacobs sheeps, but I know that is wrong 'cos they are the nice farmer lady's and she is definitely NOT called Jacob!

I would tell the old dear that she is wrong, but she might have a tantrum and that is not a good sight at all and to be honest, I am just not strong enough to cope with that today. Hee hee. So I shall just let her think that. OK?

Does this picture of yours truly not melt your heart? Sigh number three. :-))

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