Thursday, 7 April 2016

A Very Quiet Day

For some reason I have been a bit tired today. Or maybe I have just been a bit lazy, but whatever it is, I have spent a lot of my time on top of my little bed cuddled up in my blanket and oh so very comfortable.

I played with my MH for a while this morning and then sat on my couch till she was finished her work, and then I asked her to play with me in our bedroom, and she did. She covered me all up in my blanket and tickled me then cuddled me and I just loved it, but when she had to go away, I just sort of stayed there and fell asleep, but every now and then, she came in to see me and she just stroked me and left me in peace. It was very lovely.

This probably means that I will have lots of energy for going out to play later on. It is quite nice on my little island and so I think I will be able to stay out quite late and that might upset my DH a wee bit 'cos sometimes when he calls for me, I pretend that I don't hear him and I don't go home which means that he can't get to bed 'cos we can't leave the window open at night time yet, so he gets a wee bit annoyed, but as usual, he forgives me.

I know that is a bit naughty, but us puss cats are allowed to be a wee bit naughty once in a while. Sure we are?

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