Friday, 1 April 2016

A Wee Bit Neglected.

I had a good enough morning with lots of attention from both my humans and a visitor to my little island who came to see us and he liked pussy cats, so I got a cuddle from him too.

But I am afraid my afternoon wasn't just as good 'cos for some unknown reason my MH decided to paint our stove and my DH had to help her so there was no time for me AND I didn't like the smell of the paint, so all in all, it hasn't been the bestest of afternoons.

However, the evening looks as though it will improve 'cos the painting is finished and my MH is on the couch, so after I have had a snooze in my wee hoose, I shall be up in my rightful place on her knee.

I have been promised their full attention tomorrow, so it looks as though that will be a much better day. I hope so.

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