Saturday, 30 April 2016

Another Super Day

I am happy. I am a very happy little Squeak 'cos I have been able to get outside all day and both my humans have been out with me at one time and another and you all know how happy that makes me. It is still a bit cool, but the sun was shining and there was no wind or rain, so I liked it lots.

I wandered to the edge of the field where all the little baby sheeps are, but I didn't go in 'cos some are still being borned and the mummy sheeps don't like me to bother them, so I just sat there and watched and some of the bigger new babies---if you know what I mean?-- are beginning to run round and that made me smile 'cos they are just so lovely. I would like one for my very own self but it's not going to happen, so I shall just content myself with watching them. This picture shows some of them and the mummy sheeps in the field opposite my house.

The other pictures are to show you how good my new cut grass is. Me and my humans think it is lovely and I have had great fun rolling on it today and that made my MH smile. The picture of the hills is the Hoy hills when you look to the west of my house and if I had a magic carpet and pointed it that way, I could go and see my friend B. who lives in Canada. Now, wouldn't that be exciting?

The other thing that is making me a very happy puss is that the days are getting longer and longer which means I can get out to play until it is really late. Unless of course, the old boy needs to get to his little bed and then I am kind of scuppered, but soon he will be able to leave the window open for me and I think this might be the year I stay out all night! Just one night, you understand, and just to see what it would be like.

Yes. I think I am growed up enough for that.

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