Monday, 11 April 2016

Back to Normal

So, it is Monday again and just us girls in my house as my DH went away to the Cat Shop. We sat for a while and had our breakfast and then we saw him away to the boat and I nipped out to see what was happening on my little island, and by the time I had nipped back in again, all the dusters and polishes and the vacuum cleaner were all waiting to be used. Sigh!

I sat with my MH for a little while hoping that she might forget she had some housework to do, but it didn't work, so I took myself off to bed and slept until it was all finished. It wasn't too bad, really, 'cos she came to see me lots of times and cuddled me, so it was fine.

In the afternoon, she had to go out for a while so I reminded her to take her camera and she tooked some more pictures for you. Spring time on my little island is a lovely time with all the flowers, lambs and little birdies and she showed me these pictures which I hope you will like.

There are some geese in the fields and they are really big birdies. I don't think they would be frightened of me. In fact, it might be the other way round! Then she saw these little lambs which are just beautiful. She told me that they were having a feed and while they were eating they wagged their little tails and that made my MH smile. I am looking forward to seeing them in my field soon, I hope. And then she thought you might like to see all the daffodils that grow at the side of the road and make my little island look lovely.

And finally--just in case you have forgotten what I look like, here is ME. All happy and adorable!

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