Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Good News and Bad News

There was good news for me and bad news for my humans, and I am very sorry, but I was happy when I realised it. When we wakened up, the wind was still shouting at us, although a wee bit quieter that it was yesterday, but it made the sea all bumpy and that made the boat all bouncy at the pier and it was too hard for my MH to get on, so they decided to stay at home with me, and although I was a wee bit sad that they didn't get to do what they wanted, I was very happy not to be left all on my own.

It has been a awful day with wind and snow and hail and I decided to hibernate again but I did get some exercise walking from bed to bed in between big sleeps. My MH went into her wee gym, but I stayed indoors and waited for her to come back again and we sat and had a chat for a while. Then I noticed something. The wind had stopped and there was a tiny, tiny blink of sunshine. Oh yippee!

As quick as a flash, I was outside sniffing the air and rolling on my path and having a super duper time. I love my house and I adore my humans, but oh, I am such a happy little Squeak when I am out in my fields listening to the birdies and watching the little sheeps and that's what I was able to do today for the first time in ages and ages and I loved it. I stayed out so long, the old dear was getting worried about me but just as she was about to phone the cat police, I jumped in through the window and politely asked her to feed me, which made her happy---and me filled up!

So, you can see I have had a better day than my humans and my little weather man friend told me that the wind won't be back for a while so it looks as though I will be a happy puss again tomorrow.

I hope you have had a happy day too.

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