Friday, 22 April 2016

Happy HAPPY Me!

Another crackin' day for yours truly. To start off, it is Friday and that means both my humans are at home with me and there is very little housework done in my house, so all their time is just for me. And, to make it even more exciting, it is STRING day! Oh yippee!

I saw this little oyster catcher in the field and I thought you might like to see him. Fortunately, he wasn't making a noise!

So, I started my day off the same way as usual. I ran to my window as soon as I wakened up and saw that the sun was shining, so I knew I would be going out to play and as soon as my plate was emptied, I was outside in a flash, but not too far away you understand so that I could hear when my MH was finishing her breakfast and then it was time to nip in again for my little drink of milk. Now I suppose you are wondering how I can tell when the old dear is nearly finished? Well, the spoon makes a different sound on the bottom of the bowl, so I know there is just a wee drop of cereal left and that is my signal to plonk myself on her knee and gaze adoringly at her. It works every time!

After that, we both spent some time outside 'cos she was hanging out her washing and I was having fun climbing the poles and killing blades of grass so I had a brilliant time. Then we went into the gym and I played outside while she was walking and it was while I was playing that I saw my DH coming back from the pier with our boxes and I knew it was playtime with the string, so I flew inside and waited patiently for him to get all the string off the box and then they both emptied out all the things and you can see what I did.

I love going inside empty boxes and empty cases and poly bags and I even like drawers even though they might not be empty, Anyway, I am digressing. I played in the box for a while and then my DH started playing with me and the string and I had the bestest fun ever.

Oh, I am just a happy, happy Squeak. I hope you are happy too.

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