Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Much Better

Yes, my day has been a whole lot better than yesterday and I suppose you will all know why? 'Cos my humans were at home with me and spent most of the day making sure I was a very happy puss---which I was!

Even the weather was a bit better and it didn't rain until after dinner time, so I was able to get out to play whenever I wanted to. My little weather man friend was back on my television and he told me he would try and make some good weather for me, so that made me happy as well.

Me and my MH went through our normal breakfast routine which is I have my breakfast first and then she settles down on my couch with her bowl of cereal and fruit and as soon as I am filled up, I nip out of the window, but I don't go too far away, so that I can hear when she is finished and that is the signal for me to pop back in the window again to get the last wee drop of milk in her dish. I normally sit on her knee for a while and she tells me what she is going to do and to day had to be housework that she didn't do yesterday, but I was happy enough 'cos I knew she was here and every now and then she would find me and sit with me for a while, so I was still very happy.

My DH had some work to do outside, so I went and watched him for a while and then I took my adorable little self off into the fields to have my usual explore which I just love and just as I was strolling back into my garden I saw my MH going into her wee gym, so I followed her and she was delighted to see me.

I stayed with her for a wee while but between you and me, it is a wee bit boring watching her on her bike 'cos she never goes anywhere, so I just wandered off again and let her listen to her music until her little legs were a wee bit tired and then we both headed home for a seat together on my couch. Magic!

My days are very good and because it isn't getting dark until nearly nine o'clock in the night time I have lots of play time and it is getting more and more every day so I think I will just get happier and happier, thank you very much. :-))

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