Thursday, 14 April 2016

No News

I have been very fine today and I have had a good day, but nothing very exciting has happened so I don't have very much news for you, I'm afraid. We were all at home together and the weather was good enough for me to get out to play while the Boss was running round my house with the vacuum cleaner, the polishes and the duster, but me and my DH managed to escape to the greenhouse.

He is getting it all ready for our tomatoes and he has some wee flowers growing there. He has a big planter outside my kitchen window, and when the little flowers are ready he pops them in there. I'm afraid I was a bit naughty last year 'cos I used the planter for something else, and I am sure you can work out what I did there! Well, the soil WAS lovely and soft on that part of my anatomy! Hee hee So, this year he has put some wire netting over the top and he thinks it might keep me out, but me thinks something different and I shall let you know which one of us is the winner.

In the afternoon, when my MH was all finished, I asked her to play with me and we had really good fun. I just love when she plays with me and she knows all my favourite games so we always have great fun. She went away out for a while but I just sat in my garden until she came home again and then I ran and rolled on my path so that she could tickle me.

So, although I haven't done anything very exciting, I have done all the things I love doing, so I couldn't ask for anything more, could I? I hope you are doing all the things you like too.

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