Saturday, 16 April 2016

Saturday Again

I like Saturdays. I 'specially like Saturdays when my humans are at home with me and when the weather is good, but today there was only one of those two 'cos my weather wasn't very good and certainly not what I wanted.It was cold and showery, but I managed to avoid the worst showers and only got a wee bit wet, and of course, you all know what happened when I went home, don't you? Yep, my MH felt so sorry for me that she cuddled me lots. And she wondered why I kept wanting to go out!! Sometimes she is a bit slow. Shame.

We all had a very lazy day, but we still had lots of fun with me helping my humans whenever they needed it. The only time I said 'no' was when my MH asked me to go into the gym with her, but I had just come home and I needed a wee rest so I let her go on her own, but I was ready to give her a big purr when she comed home to me again.

There have been some birdies at my feeder and my MH tooked a couple of pictures for you. One of them is of the birdie itself and there is one of me watching it. It is a nice birdie and it comes to see me lots of times and sometimes he brings some friends and I like that.

Me and my MH watched Andy and Raffa playing tennis and while we were sad when Andy lost, we were happy that Raffa won. I love Raffa and he makes my four adorable wee knees go funny when he smiles at me through my television. Sorry, Andy.

I hope you are all having a good weekend whatever you are doing.

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